Possible Serial Killer in Downtown Houston

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Police and the FBI believe there may be a link between three murders that have occurred in downtown Houston since June.

Raquel Mundy, 24, was strangled June 17 and her body was dumped in a field in the 300 block of St. Charles. She was found nude from the waist down.

The body of Ratia LaFaye Long, 52, was found behind the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Carol Flood, 62, was found strangled in a stairwell behind an old YMCA building. She was also nude from the waist down.

As is usually the case in such situations, the police are releasing very limited information, but it is reasonable to suspect that the signature investigators see is the fact that at least two of the victims were found nude from the waist down. It has not been said whether Long was found in a similar state.

Neither has it been revealed whether any of the victims were raped pre- or post-mortem, but finding the bodies nude from the waist down certainly suggests a sexual aspect to the murder.

Police are waiting for the results from DNA testing that might prove a link.

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