Victims of Gary Addison Taylor

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Gary Addison Taylor was charged with the murders of four women. We currently have information on four of his victims.

Lee Fletcher 

Lee, age 25, was murdered between 1973 and 1974.

Deborah Heneman

Deborah, age 23, was murdered between 1973 and 1974.

Vonnie Stuth

Vonnie was murdered on November 27 1973 or 1974.

Susan Jackson 

Susan, age 21, was murdered between 1973 and 1974.


  • still alive says:

    he raped and held a pregnant 16 year old and 13 month old child hostage , they escaped when he passed out from drugs in a hotel room

  • Steve says:

    I grew-up down the road from the house he lived in 1975. Onsted mi is a really small town.
    And finding two body’s was big news . The bad news is there is still a girl in the backyard
    And maybe a man is still a cooled case

  • Stef says:

    This man made a mess of many lives. Susan Jackson was not only my Aunt but also a Mommy to a beautiful baby boy when she was brutally murdered by this monster! Gary Addson Taylor’s actions have had a ripple effect on lives in our family that trickles down still to this day. Her son had to grow up without a Mommy and due to that he has had and still has issues and his issues have deeply affected my life as well. It is too bad that Gary Taylor will NEVER have to suffer the way we have had too.

    • Sheila Holmes Reyes says:

      Susie was my cousin. Her mother, Melba is my father’s sister. Her senseless murder devastated everyone in the family. This man was a monster.

    • Donna Holmes says:

      Hi Stef, I’m just curious how you are related to Susan Jackson? I ask because she was my cousin, my dad and her mother are siblings. I would reallly like to hear back from you at your earliest convenience.
      Thank you,

    • Jennifer Raybon says:

      Please if you see this we would appreciate a response. Susan Jackson was my cousin, and my family would very much appreciate contact with the other half of the family. My grandfather was Norman Holmes, Melba’s brother, and Suzy’s uncle.

  • Rhonda says:

    I would like to know the address where Gary Addison Taylor lived in Onsted.

  • Becky says:

    Gary Addison Taylor was the man assumed responsible for my mothers disappearance
    Back in 1973. I was only 6 at the time she went missing. We lived in Ann Arbor mi.
    I believe he should have never been living out side of a hospital with his past history
    They never did find the remains of my mother ., and I will never be the same since.
    It has made me a stronger person in a lot of ways .. But there isn’t a day that goes
    By that I don’t miss her .

    • Alicia V says:

      Becky: I am the sister of Vonnie Stuth – the family that finally put him away in Washington. I would really like to talk to you. Please email me!!! Thank you.

    • stanley niedbalski says:

      Hello Becky just found this site i am a nephew to debbie henneman whom i never had the chance to meet

      • Mona Huffman says:

        Hi Stanley,
        My name is Mona Huffman and I was your mother’s best friend. I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet her because you would have loved her. She was a beautiful girl. Although all of these stories show her age at the time of death to be 23 that is incorrect. Debbie was 17 years old when Gary murdered her along with Lee Fletcher. I remember the day as if it were yesterday because I was supposed to go with her. I couldn’t go so Lee Fletcher went in my place instead. They were both killed together in his basement.

  • Gary Widell says:

    All the stories I find on the Internet about Gary Taylor say that he grew up in Florida. They don’t mention that he lived in Howell, Michigan, before his family moved to Florida. My family moved to Howell in 1943 and lived there until 1948, when we moved out of state. We initially rented a house at 816 North Michigan Avenue in Howell. (We later moved around the corner to 137 Riddle Street.) The Taylors lived next door in the house to the north of us. His parents were very nice people who owned a men’s clothing store in downtown Howell, and he had one older brother. Although Gary Taylor and I were in the same grade (but not the same class and my brother was one year ahead of us in school, Gary and my brother were great friends, and he was sometimes in and out of our house several times a day. Whoever could have guessed how he would turn out? My brother, on the other hand, eventually became an orthopedic surgeon. My father had the opportunity to visit Mrs. Taylor (who had been a very attractive woman and who was then widowed and living in Arizona) in 1982. Although she was a senior by that time, my father commented to me that she looked so much older than she was. Her son obviously took a great toll on her.

  • Barbara says:

    This post is not about Taylor, but about David Rice. I knew him when I was a teen, I think in Joseph City Arizona. He was strange, even then. He was a tall boy, and would do almost anything he was dared to, he swallowed a live goldfish, bit a lizard in half, I think he was hungry for friends, but he would smoke, use very vile language, and tell girls very explicit sexual stories, with foul language. I wasn’t aware he had other siblings, and I was told he would steal and hide things north of Joseph City.

  • Timothy Faull says:

    I grew up in Onsted and we used to run around Loch Erin just after this happened.
    Loch Erin was deserted and they couldnt get anyone to buy the land. Half built houses and all the public buildings like the swiming pool etc.

  • I grew up the road from this place and this home I was in plenty in the late 70’s thru the 80’s. This was the Boglarski’s home , owner of Kelly’s on the hill and the towers..I would hunt with my BB gun in the rear of this property as a child and there is a small hidden gravel pit walking distance to the west of this property. I knew that the place had murders take place there as they told me , as we would jump over the concrete patches in the basement where the cops dug up the place … I am not sure why they never looked for bodies in this gravel pit as it is a perfect place to bury a body , extremely private and close to the back yard as well as all sand…

    I’m certain there are more bodies in that area they didn’t find….

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