Robert Fry Conviction Upheld

on November 14, 2011 in Serial Killers by

The New Mexico Supreme Court upheld Robert Fry’s conviction Thursday in the murders of Matthew Trecker and Joseph Fleming.

Fry’s appeal centered on the testimony of Harold Pollock, a friend of Fry’s. Pollock testified in the preliminary hearing that he was at the scene with Fry, but that Fry alone committed the murders.

Pollock later refused to testify at Fry’s trial. As a result, Pollock’s previous testimony was read in.

Fry claimed that his constitutional right to confront his accuser was violated, as his attorneys could not cross examine Pollock.

In addition, the attorney that represented Pollock in the murders was also representing Fry in an unrelated matter. Fry claimed this was a conflict of interest.

Chief Justice Charles Daniel ruled that there was no reversible error:

The evidence was sufficient as a matter of law to support all of Defendant’s convictions, and the trial court committed no error. We therefore affirm Defendant’s judgment, conviction and sentence.

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