Hayden Poulter Denied Parole

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Hayden Poulter, often referred to as New Zealand’s first serial killer, made his initial parole board appearance last month. Judge David Carruthers ruled that Poulter wouldn’t be released any time soon:

We have been at pains to tell him that that must be regarded as it is some distance away.

There is no question that he cannot be released on parole.

Poulter likely will have his security risk reduced, however. He was recently assessed as being a low-medium risk in prison.

Poulter raped and murdered prostitute Natacha Hogen in October 1996. Just a week later, he stabbed and killed another prostitute, Ladda Nimphet, and her pimp, Herbert Richard Norris. He received a life sentence and was jailed in 1997.

He automatically became eligible for parole reviews after serving 15 years of his sentence. He will go before the board again in a year.

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