Is a Serial Killer Targeting Prostitutes in Ottawa?

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Police Chief Vern White warned the women of his city Friday that a serial killer may be targeting prostitutes. He indicated that investigators have identified a pattern in the slayings of several Ottawa prostitutes, but declined to give details.

Said Chief White:

I am here … to speak to Ottawa residents about concerns the Ottawa police has for women’s safety.

Our major crime investigators have recently identified a pattern with homicides involving sex-trade workers in our community.

I am asking women, particularly those involved in the sex trade, to be vigilant and exercise good safety practices.

There will be a time when we have more information, but it’s not today.

He issued the warning while standing in front of the Minwaashin Lodge, an aboriginal women’s center in downtown Ottawa. Kimberley Mansfield, a support worker at Minwaashin said:

In light of recent murders and injuries to various women, there is a sense that there is someone who is targeting women.

The suspected victims include 36-year-old Jennifer Stewart, whose body was found in a parking lot in August 2010, Leeanne Lawson, whose body was found in September of this year, and 27-year-old Kelly Morrisseau, who was found naked and bleeding in 2006. Kelly died in the hospital. She had been stabbed at least 12 times.

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  • marie says:

    Anyone who has worked in the social services field in the byward market (or lives on the street or in shelters, or works in the sex trade) knows that yes, more than likely it appears a serial killer is targeting sex trade workers who are women. Some of us have suspected it longer than the general population for it seems these things go unnoticed longer than they should. I have been aware ever since Kelly Morrisseau was murdered, that it seems someone is out there who has not yet been caught, and is still evading police.

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