Gary Hilton Trial Delayed

on December 17, 2011 in Serial Killers by

US District Court Judge Martin Reidinger has ordered a delay in the start of the trail of Gary Michael Hilton for the murders of John and Irene Bryant. It was originally scheduled to begin January 4th.

A hearing for February 27th has now been set.

Hilton’s defense counsel requested the delay in order to have more time to review documents and prepare. In a filing, Joseph VonKallist wrote:

Counsel has been diligently reviewing and indexing all documents in this matter, as well as conducting plea negotiations in this matter. Counsel does not believe that review of the discovery and further plea negotiations can be realistically conducted before the start of the upcoming criminal term.

Hilton has already been found guilty of two other murders. He was given life in prison for one of the killings, and a death sentence for the other.

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