Victims of Sarah Jane Robinson

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Sarah Jane Robinson killed at least eight people using arsenic poisoning. Her motives were insurance fraud and the removal of impediments to her desired lifestyle.

Oliver Sleeper
Oliver Sleeper is believed to be Robinson’s first murder victim. He died of “heart disease” in 1881 while under Robinson’s care.

Moses Robinson
Moses was Robinson’s first husband. She poisoned him in 1882, in order to collect on $2,000 in insurance.

Annie McCormick
Robinson poisoned her sister Annie after claiming she had had a dream that Annie had died. After being under Robinson’s care for several days, Annie died on February 28, 1885.

Elizabeth Freeman
Annie’s 1-year-old daughter Elizabeth was poisoned and died just three weeks after Annie was.

Prince Arthur Freeman
Robinson next poisoned her sister’s widower, Prince. He died on June 27, 1885 after five days in horrible pain.

Lizzie Robinson
In February 1886, Robinson poisoned her 25-year-old daughter Lizzie. Robinson had taken out a life insurance policy six months earlier.

Tommy Freeman
Next, Robinson took out Annie and Prince’s 7-year-old son. He died on July 23, 1885 after four painful days.

William Robinson
Just a month after Tommy died, Robinson convinced her own adult son, William, to name her the beneficiary in his life insurance policy. He died soon thereafter.

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