Alfred Gaynor Sells His Hair

on November 16, 2010 in Murderabillia, Serial Killers by

Or a bag of it, at least.

Alfred Gaynor, who was convicted of the rape and murder of seven Springfield, MA women, is attempting to sell a bag of his hair online for $35. There is no law in Massachusetts preventing criminals from profiting from their notoriety.

The families of his victim’s are naturally displeased.

Janice Ermellini, whose daughter was sexually assaulted and killed by Gaynor, said:

He should be stopped at all costs. He just confessed to my daughter’s murder. It seems to me that the justice system does all it can do to protect the perpetrator. Common people like me don’t rate much attention. My daughter didn’t mean a hill of beans.

Peter J. Koutoujian, a state representative, has been trying to pass anti-murderabillia legislation since 2005. Said Koutoujian:

I still have hope for this term and I still have work to do. I think of (murderablia) as a recurring wound to society.

Gaynor is serving life without the possibility of parole, and is under indictment for the murder of an eighth victim.

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