Dominic West Considering Playing Peter Sutcliffe

on January 8, 2012 in Pop Culture, Serial Killers by

After the broadcast of Appropriate Adult, Dominic West indicated that he wouldn’t likely want to play a killer again. But just a few months later, he is thinking about taking on the role of Peter Sutcliffe, the so-called Yorkshire Ripper.

Said West:

Coming from Sheffield, I’ve been asked whether I’d like to make a film about the Yorkshire Ripper, as he was caught in the city. But, as with Fred West, you have to find an interesting angle on these stories about serial killers. I don’t think the fact that Peter Sutcliffe is alive would get in the way of making a film or television drama series.

To examine the worst of human nature, I think you need a reason to do it and a certain redemption in the story, but just making films about horrible people is not, neccesarily, a good thing.

I thought Dominic West did an admirable job playing Fred West, and would be interested in seeing what he could do with Sutcliffe.

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  • Tina P says:

    Gosh, this would be interesting to see. He is right of course, making films about these people is not necessarily a good thing or nice, but it IS fascinating. It also teaches us history, and how to spot the warning signs of people like these, and that can only be a good thing.

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