Developments in the Oakland County Child Killer Case

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In 1976 and 1977, four children were kidnapped and murdered in the Detroit, Michigan area. The children were each held captive for four to nineteen days, and then their bodies were deposited around Oakland County.

One of the suspects in the killings is Chris Busch. He was questioned in the case, but committed suicide in 1978. There have been no confirmed victims of the Oakland County Child Killer since his death.

Varying reports have Busch being involved in child pornography, having been convicted of forcing dozens of boys to perform oral sex on him, and of having confessed to a polygraph examiner that he killed Timothy King, one of the confirmed victims.

Timothy’s family has been fighting to keep the investigation alive for years. In December 2010, the Michigan State Police released 3,400 pages of investigative records to the family.

Chris King, Timothy King’s brother, has released photos that he believes links Busch to the case. One shows a drawing attached to the wall. It reportedly resembles Mark Stebbins, another one of the victims.

Other photographs show ropes that seem to have blood on them and a shotgun shell. Jill Robinson was killed by the Oakland County Child Killer using a shotgun.

Grand juries have been convened in Oakland and Wayne Counties to look into the matter. The Michigan State Police had requested DNA from living relatives of the four victims, in order to ensure that samples are current.

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