Victims of the Oakland County Child Killer

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The unsub known as the Oakland County Child Killer killed at least four children in the second half of the 1970’s.

Mark Stebbins
Mark, 12, was abducted on February 15, 1976. His body was found four days later in a snowbank inside a parking lot. He had been strangled and sexually assaulted with an object.

Jill Robinson
Jill, 12, ran away from home on December 22, 1976 after an argument with her mother. Her bicycle was found abandoned the next day. Three days later she was found near Interstate 75. She had been shot in the face with a shotgun.

Kristine Mihelich
Kristine, 10, disappeared on January 2, 1977, after purchasing a magazine at a convenience store. She was found on January 21 on the side of a road. She had been smothered.

Timothy King
Timothy, 11, disappeared on March 16, 1977 after purchasing candy at a drugstore. His body was found in a ditch alongside a road on March 22. He had been suffocated and sexually assaulted with an object.

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