Testimony: Joseph Naso Kept Rape Diary and Photos of Dead Women

on January 12, 2012 in Alleged Serial Killers by

Prosecutors began to reveal their case against Joseph Naso yesterday in a preliminary hearing in San Rafael, California.

Detective Richard Brown, lead investigator for the case in Nevada, said that Naso’s probation officer found multiple journals and countless photos in Naso’s house in April 2010. The journals contained detailed accounts of rapes and sexual assaults of girls and women.

One of the journal entries reportedly read:

Girl in north Buffalo woods. She was real pretty. Had to knock her out first.

Many of the photographs depicted women who were unconscious, or perhaps dead. Some were of only the lower half of the woman, and had a distinct reddish-purple tinge to the skin, like that seen in dead people.

Also found was a “List of Ten”, that described ten women in detail. Four of these match the victims Naso has been charged with killing.

Investigators are still trying to determine who the other six entries might refer to.

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