Episode 057: Donald Gaskins, Part 5

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Happy New Year, and I apologize for taking so long to get this episode out. As many of you certainly know, it’s amazing how much time an infant can consume. And, she comes first.

Unfortunately, podcasting comes in, at best, at third. Second is my consulting, because bills have to be paid.

One of the things I’ll be exploring in the near future is how this podcast could perhaps generate a bit of income. My needs aren’t great, but making money from podcasting isn’t easy.

Don’t worry. I have no plans to switch to a subscription model, or anything like that. This podcast will always be available free of charge.

But if anyone knows of a company that might be interested in advertising on a podcast, let me know!

In the meantime, if you’re looking to purchase any books on serial killers, you can probably find them listed in the bibliography of the website. If you click on the link you find next to the book, and purchase it, I’ll get a small percentage of the sale.

It ain’t gonna make me rich, but it does help cover the costs.

In any case, last episode, Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins had just been transferred from the South Carolina State Pen to the Federal Prison in Atlanta.

This episode, Pee Wee does his time in the Federal Prison, gets out, and, of course, continues to get into lots of trouble on the outside.

You can also download the episode directly.

And feel free to use the comments below for episode discussion.

“Pee Wee Gaskins: America’s No. 1 Serial Killer” by John Chandler Griffin
“Final Truth: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer” by Donald Gaskins and Wilton Earle
“The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers” by Michael Newton
“The Meanest Man in America” episode of the true crime show “Twisted”
“Palmetto Predators: Monsters Among Us” by Mark R. Jones


  • Tina P says:

    This is one rollercoaster ride! Can’t believe I was actually shocked to hear Poss was dead…

  • Rebecca says:

    @Tina – I know, I felt really sorry for Poss and his family. Pee Wee is an interesting one… Would be interesting to know if he suffered any manic episodes. Really says something about the police that he managed to get away so much.
    Super interesting pod casts, thanks Brian!

    • Tina P says:

      It would indeed be interesting, Rebecca. Mental illness (commonly schizophrenia) does often seem to play a part in such horrors.

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