Body Exhumed to Explore Joseph Naso Connection

on January 18, 2012 in Alleged Serial Killers by

The Police Chief of Healdsburg, California announced Tuesday that they have exhumed the body of a woman to see if she was killed by accused serial killer Joseph Naso. The exhumation happened in April 2011, and was followed by a new autopsy and the collection of DNA.

Investigators became interested in exploring a potential connection after a list of ten women was found in Naso’s home in Nevada. Four of the ten women listed are believed to be the women Naso is currently charged with murdering.

One of the six unidentified women is referred to as a “Girl near Healdsburg”. Chief Kevin Burke believes this may describe a Jane Doe whose remains were found in 1983.

Unfortunately, the autopsy was inconclusive, due to the condition of the remains.

Investigators plan to run the victim’s DNA through the FBI DNA database, hoping to identify her through relatives that may have submitted DNA.

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