Parole Agent: Wesley Shermantine can be Transported Safely

on February 1, 2012 in Law Enforcement, Serial Killers by

Investigators hope to use the help of convicted serial killer Wesley Shermantine in the search for the remains of victims, but the San Joaquin County Sherriff’s Department has concerns about transporting him safely and securely. But Susan Kane, a parole agent with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation says it can be done safely.

When asked about the truth of Shermantine’s claims that there is a “boneyard” where victims are buried, Kane said:

My perception of him during the interview and my perception of the information that he gave us was it was very articulate, as much as it could be articulate. I think so, I think that he is (telling the truth).

Kane was involved in the planning for his transport. She said that there is no risk of his either escaping, or committing suicide by cop.

But last Friday, sheriff’s deputies attempted to locate the remains without Shermantine’s help. They did not find anything.

Kane was pulled from the case when the sheriff’s department decided not to use Shermantine. San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore said they might reconsider using Shermantine, once all other options were exhausted.

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