Victims of Randy Steven Kraft

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Randy Steven Kraft was found guilty for the murders of sixteen people, but is thought to have been involved in the murders of upwards of fifty-one people. We currently have information on all of his known victims and eleven of his suspected victims.

Keith Klingbeil

Keith’s remains were found on Interstate 5. His time of death is unknown .

Michael Inderbeiten

Michael, age 21, was murdered in San Diego. His time of death is unknown.

Donnie Crisel

Donnie was murdered by Kraft. His time of death is unknown.

Joseph Alwyn Fancher

Joseph was murdered in 1970.

Wayne Joseph Dukette

Wayne was murdered in 1971. His remains were found on the Ortega Highway. Kraft is suspected in this murder.

Edward Daniel Moore

Edward, age 20, was murdered in 1972. His remains were found on a freeway in Seal Beach.

Unidentified Male 1

An unidentified male was murdered in 1973. Body was found on the side of the Terminal Island Freeway.

Unidentified Male 2

An unidentified male was murdered in 1973. His remains were found at Huntington Beach.

Unidentified Male 3

An unidentified male was murdered in 1973. His head was discovered at Long Beach, torso and right leg discovered in San Pedro and left leg at Sunset Beach.

Ron Wiebe

Ron, age 20, was murdered on July 28, 1973. His remains were found on the side of Seal Beach Freeway.

Vincent Cruz Mastas

Vincent was murdered on December 29, 1973. His remains were found in the San Benordino Mts. ravine.

Malcom Eugene Little

Malcom was murdered on June 1, 1974. His remains were found on the side of Highway 86.

Roger Dickerson

Roger, age 18, was murdered in June of 1974. His remains were found at Laguna Beach.

Thomas Paxton

Thomas was murdered on August 3, 1974. His remains were found at Long Beach.

Gary Wayne Condova

Gary was murdered on August 12, 1974. His remains were found on the side of a highway in southern Orange County.

Dale Reeves

Dale was murdered on November 29, 1974.

John Leras 

John, age 17, was murdered in December of 1974.

Craig Victor Jonaites 

Craig was murdered on January 17, 1975. His remains were found at Long Beach Hotel along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Keith Daven Crotwell

Keith, age 19, disappeared in 1975. His head was discovered on May 8, 1975.

Mark Hall

Mark was murdered in January of 1976.

Eric Church

Eric, age 21, was murdered on January 28, 1983. His remains were found on the side of the 605 freeway.

Scott Hughes

Scott, age 18, was murdered in April of 1978.

Richard Keith

Richard was murdered in June of 1978.

Roland Young

Roland, age 23, was murdered on June 11, 1978

Robert Loggins 

Robert was murdered in September of 1980.

Geoffrey Nelson

Geoffrey was murdered on February 12, 1983.

Terry Gamrel

Terry, age 25, was murdered in 1983.


  • Carl Stuart says:

    My brother Oral Stuart. Jr, a US Marine was most probably killed by Randy Kraft in 1974. I am surprised this guy still remains on death row and causing agony to the survivors.

    • Steve Grasha says:


      Please contact me about memorial services for your brother. If you would like, I will be happy to help you. my email:
      I would like to arrange for the patriot Guard to attend and make certain Oral’s truth is told! It is heart wrenching to think of the mistakes made by officials over all these years.

      This discovery has been especially touching to me for reasons you may imagine. I have been posting this message all over the internet, including here:


      It is clear that this young man was murdered by serial killer Randy Kraft, He was victim number 6 of at least 67 young men and boys murdered by Kraft who was arrested in 1983 with Terry Gambrel another young Marine found dead in the passenger seat of his Toyota Celica in 1983. Kraft was convicted in 1989 of 16 murders. He sits on death row in San Quinton State Prison in California. The area were this young man was found was Kraft’s killing field. He dumped dozens of body’s in the area over the years.

      At about 9:15 PM on the night of Friday, February 11, 1983, three months before he was arrested, he tried to lure me into his car at DOK West, a bar in Garden Grove. I declined his advances and later that night he murdered two other young men. Geoffrey Nelson and Rodger DeVaul Fell victim to kraft on that night.

      • COLIN POWIS says:

        I ran into that creep Randy Kraft while hitchhiking in Torrance back in 1980 ; my name is on his so called scorecard ENGLAND

    • Jerry Willingham says:

      I had my best friends brother killed in 1974 his name was Darrel Tempelton. He is not on this list, How do I find info on his murder?? Jerry Willingham.

    • Greg McLean says:

      My nephew Geoff Nelson was also murdered along with his friend Roger Duval who is not even listed here. I use to burn with desire to see Randy Kraff die but knowing he’ll never see the light of day outside prison will have to do now. Sorry about your brother

  • Mike Müller says:

    A mistake in the main blog: Joseph Alwyn Fancher was not a murder victim In fact he testified against Kraft at the murder trial.

  • Alexis Thomas says:

    I’ve just watched a program on Investigation Discovery channel chronicling the murders at the hands of one Randy Kraft and find it repulsive that this monster continues to sit on death row after all these years. What I don’t understand is why. I’ve read about many serial killers over the course of 35+ years and I don’t know how I missed this one. Even on death row, this monster is still trying to hold on to “control” by not letting his guards down with no admission, not a one. I see no point why he is still breathing. They needs to go ahead and put this animal down and give the victims families some closure and relief.

    • Teresa Wilson says:

      I have written to the judge many times asking him to let me execute him for killing my sweet brother he was tortured for days before the scum devil killed him then threw him out on the road like a piece of tash

  • Margie says:

    My heart aches for the family and I’m enraged over the incompetence of the judicial system. These precious young men would not have been the victims they are had this monster been stopped sooner. This Kraft vermin should have already been exterminated, his continued existence is an insult to the victims/their families and a stain against humanity. A humane death isn’t justice for this slime. Perhaps, the victims family should (if not already) pursue legal ramifications against the justice departments and systems that failed to remove this criminal when he was encountered 2x prior to the final arrest 10+ years later. I have little faith in our protectors. My thoughts are for these victims/families and I hope for an end to the atrocities people commit against one another/all living beings. I firmly believe people who commit these crimes/acts lose their right to life and until this insanity ends, I will continue to support death penalties.

    • Teresa Wilson says:

      My brother was killed it is doing NO GOOD for us to do anything for some reason California isn’t going to execute this horrid devil I hurt everyday….

  • Teresa Wilson says:

    My brother was killed by this scum in 1978 his name is Richard Keith I never read anything about my brothers life but this horrible devil gets all the attention Randy Kraft has given me a life sentence along with his death sentence which he received on my birthday over 35 years ago I want my birthday present lets EXECUTE him already… I think of my sweet brother every day

  • Kurt Little says:

    Malcolm was my uncle that I have heard little of and I have been looking for information about him. My search continues for anything that I hope to find.

  • Denise Wilson says:

    I cannot believe that they even needed to have a trial for this freak. How much more guilty can you be when they found a dead strangled body in his car. 26 years later this spawn of satan continues to breath. What a slap in the face to the loved ones of all of his victims. What the hell are they waiting for. He gets to live, but those young mens lives were cut short in the worst possible manner. Hell is waiting for you Randy Kraft. There is no love and no forgiveness for a blood thirsty psycho. Put him to death!!!

  • Kurt Little says:

    So has anyone received a response to latter and that? I seen that he has his own website but I couldn’t find it to see it it was true. I was hoping to find out more information about my uncle here.

  • Kurt Little says:

    I seen that if a petition has over 100 thousand votes the president must reply to Saud petition. Just an idea.

    • teresa wilson says:

      what is your uncles name my brother was carson marine on the scorecard his real name was Richard Keith he was hitch hiking home from his girlfriends back to base when scum ass picked him up and tortured him for days then threw his naked body on the side of the road like trash

  • Gary Lampella says:

    A good friend of mine, Anthony Silvera, was hitch hiking to his national guard duty from Portland to southern Oregon. He was unfortunate to be picked up by Randy, murdered, and left by the side of the road near Aurora Oregon, just about 30 miles south of Portland. His name is not shown here but he is in the book on Randy Kraft. Randy even had his national guard coat with Tony’s name on it when he was arrested.

    THe state of California shouldn’t spend another single cent keeping this monster alive, except for the cost of a bullet and someone willing to pull the trigger.

  • JOE says:

    Was a marine stationed mcas el toro from 78 – 82 other than a wes pac in 79/80 for 7 months & a few tad assignments ,while there I heard of the freeway killer a few times & bodies being found(bonnin I think) but I don’t recall any memos on base in our plan of the day or otherwise that probably should have happened due to the marines being found or missing from el toro & Pendleton. Used to party in many of these spots laguna hungington,& long beach.Remember a club in garden grove called the rendouvous where we went often ,was lucky enough to have friends with a car until I got my own,glad I never crossed path with this monster & sorry for the ones that did & their families.I don’t understand why this serial killer case is pretty much hush hush or why its taking so long to carry out his death warrant.

  • Hannah says:

    Keith Klingbeil is my grandfather. I never met him and neither did my mom (his daughter). My grandma thought he ran away after she gave birth to my mom, and it wasn’t until years later, when my mom already had three kids, that they discovered that he was murdered. For my moms entire life she thought her dad left her. I’ve only ever seen pictures of him. It breaks my heart that people know the name of the serial killer but not the victims. I hate that serial killers are romanticized, they are terrible and cruel. This killer has ruined lives, it isn’t fair what happened to my grandpa and so many others. They deserve more, they deserve justice.

  • Chris says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who lost their loved ones to this or any other psychopath on this planet,

    my heart goes out to you all. I do not understand why this and so many other Freaks are still alive. For what they did to the boys and girls all over the world is only one punishment appropriate: There is an eye for an eye- that’s the only thing that is fair. It still doesn’t bring your sons and daughters back but at least the killers have to go through the same horrific time as their victims.

    My warmest wishes to you all, I cannot imagine what it means to go through all this.

  • Jess says:

    I am writing this after reading these comments because when I was 13 or 14 years old in Huntington Beach California I was picked up by this monster two separate times in a brown van while I was hitchhiking to the beach to meet up with my friends . I knew right away when I got into his vehicle that there was something wrong with this guy he was looking at me and touching himself asking me if I wanted to stop and get something to drink I told him no I said I just want a ride to the beach he seemed like he wasn’t a very big guy I was little myself at 13 or 14 but he didn’t try to harm me or force anything on me and he let me out where I asked to . I remember again maybe a week or two later still hitchhiking to the beach every day I saw his van approaching he pulled over again and I got in again I remember thinking oh no this guys a weirdo, and that I needed to be careful and I just was given a ride again to where I requested and let out again he also asked me at that time if I wanted something to drink or to eat while he was touching himself I said no then he asked me if I wanted sex and I said no , I told my friends about him and what a weirdo he was and I don’t remember how long it was after that when I was watching TV and I knew about the freeway killer during that time but the news showed that they captured him and it was him I thought to myself oh my god that’s him the guy that gave me a ride a couple times is the murderer. I am extremely sorry for the people who were not as fortunate as I was to escape from this killer it’s very very sad breaks my heart and is also quite frightening To imagine what he could’ve done to me If I would have agreed to stop for food or something , that was approximately 1975 when I was 13 maybe 1976 I am now 54 years old and I still cannot believe that I got out of that alive I’m so sorry to those of you who have lost loved ones I wish I have the opportunity to be near him again for what he has done to these innocent people because I tell you what, well I guess it’s pretty clear what I’m gonna say , but I guess we will leave that to the judicial system and hopefully justice is served soon , it would be good if he could be hurt the way he did other people that’s what he deserves I’m still living in Huntington Beach in the exact same area and I do not suggest hitchhiking to anyone I have three children they are all grown over 21 none of them would’ve been here if he would’ve gotten me

  • Teresa Wilson says:

    Randy Kraft drove a brown Toyota there’s lots of pictures of my brother sitting in it when Kraft tortured and murdered my brother

    • COLIN POWIS says:

      I know he drove a tan toyota that he bought in 79-80 , but before that he had a black mustang ; it’s stated clearly in the book ”Angel of Darkness”

      And I should know as he picked me up in it in sept 1980 ; I don’t understand how he could fool/seduce any of those victims who were not homos as I instantly recognised him as a Homo even though I was only 19 at the time ; it was rush hour traffic and he was fearless , but I was never going to drink with an obvious creep like that ; he asked me if I wanted to go to a party at his house in Long Beach ; I just remained calm until he dropped me off at my destination in Torrance , but I noticed that his demeanor had changed and was like an angry, frustrated cat when I got out , but when I got to my appartment the first thing I said was that some faggot had picked me up and they all laughed about it

    • COLIN POWIS says:

      Teressa , I’m on facebook and have things posted in relation to when I ran into kraft

  • Jess says:

    Colin – you are mistaken, did you read my words? He absolutely drove a Brown van too , I didn’t make it up , just because he drove other vehicles too doesn’t mean that he never drove a brown van because he did you can trust me on that one

    • COLIN POWIS says:

      Young people like that make very unreliable witnesses ; show me some confirmation that he drove a brown van .. no one claims he drove that kind of vehicle except you …. I’m not saying you are lying ; Im saying you are sadly deluded

  • Jess says:

    Why would I show you “confirmation” that he drove a brown van? As if I have 6 or 7 pictures of him in a brown van that I’ve just been waiting for the right time to share – Number one , his murderous killing spree went on for years and surely he wasn’t 100% using just the same exact vehicle for all those years – could have borrowed the van, could have had it for only a short period of time , who knows – young people can be unreliable witnesses, that’s true sometimes they can however I wasn’t 8 , 10, I was a teenager – it wasn’t dark , it was a bright sunny day in Huntington Beach both times and I can still see it in my mind especially the 2nd time I remember thinking to myself oh shit it’s the weirdo in the brown van again should I or shouldn’t I get in – I got in again and yes again he began his gay ass conversation with his right hand on his nuts while driving with his left – most definitely I got out of a brown van both times and most definitely the driver of that van was the guy I saw on TV after his arrest – and lastly, I don’t deny being “sadly deluded” about things, I’m only human – but imagining getting two rides in a brown van with Randy Craft driving it is definitely NOT one of those things
    That’s just how it is man

  • Kate says:

    Remembering my friend, John Leras, lost to this monster. I remember his family’s anguish and have thought about him every year on the anniversary of his death.

  • ken says:

    I am 95% sure he picked me in 1973 after work. I worked at a shell station in HB on Beach Blvd, across the street where he grew up. That night he was driving a gray Chevy Impala could have been company car or rental. Never mentioned this to anyone

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