Victims of the Eastbound Strangler

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There are four known victims of the Eastbound Strangler. All were found in a ditch on November 20, 2006, about sixty feet apart. Each was positioned so that they were facing east. They were clothed, but missing their shoes and socks.

Barbara V. Breidor
Barbara, 42, supported her $300/day crack habit with prostitution. In mid-October 2006, she disappeared. Her behavior had become so erratic that she wasn’t even reported as missing for several weeks.

Tracy Ann Roberts
Tracy, 23, was last seen alive in early November, when she was attacked by a man who wanted to be her pimp. He hit her in the throat so hard she had to be hospitalized.

Molly Jean Dilts
Molly, 20, was also last seen alive a few days before her body was found. While she was the only victim to not have a record for prostitution, acquaintances say she was working as one.

Kim Raffo
35-year-old Kim was strangled with rope or cord. She had been seen alive the prior morning. Prior to her death, she had been working as a prostitute in Atlantic City to support a drug habit.


  • Michael Walton says:

    The authorities need to continue working these cases until someone is arrested, just because these women were hookers is no reason to not give these cases the same attention as any other murder case, but we all know drug abusers and hookers are blamed and looked down upon……SHAME! These women are someones daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends!!!!!!! CATCH THIS SCUM BAG!!!!!! 910-347-2930

  • anon says:

    acquaintances are right about molly, it wasn’t a official job she only did it sometimes, other times she just tried finding a different way to get more money.

    i wish the cops would just find this creep, i want molly’s killer found she didn’t deserve to die so young. I’m not to sure about the other girls but i doubt they deserved to die so early either.

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