Victims of Thomas Edward Luther

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Thomas Edward Luther was charged for the murder of one person, but is thought to have been involved in six other murders. We currently have information on all of his known and two of his suspected victims.

Cher Elder

Cher’s remains were discovered on February 21, 1995. This is the only murder that Luther has been formally charged with.

Bobby Jo Oberholtzer

Bobby Jo was murdered on January 6, 1982.

Annette Schnee

Annette went missing on January 6, 1982.


  • evie says:

    I read that it was not true that a finger and lips were removed

  • skatoolaki says:

    I am currently reading “Monster” by Steve Jackson that is about Thomas Luther. It does say that the removal of lips and finger were a rumor spread throughout the area when everyone was in fear and no one knew who could’ve killed two local women in such a short amount of time in the small area (where they usually have zero murders). If you’d like to know more about Luther, and his victims, I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s one of the best true crime novels I’ve ever read.

    • cindy says:

      I agree that ‘Monster’ is one of the best true crime books ever…I just finished it…very well written…I couldn’t put it down…highly recommend also.

    • Evie says:

      Yes I read the book Monster, it is crazy how our country worries more about the rights of killers, than the rights of victim’s. I don’t believe innocent people should b locked up, but way to many criminals are walking the streets because of legalities, and not because there innocent. And if you have enough money especially in Texas you can get away with Murder, and an attorney becomes a millionaire. Collin T. Davis story, 1970’s. Shot and killed a little girl(stepdaughter)her little kitten, Stan Farr football player, and his soon to be ex-wife Pricilla was shot in the gut and made to the neighbors for help she lived. Race Horse Haines Attorney.

  • Dee Dee says:

    It’s in the book Monster. Luther *said* he cut off Chef Elder’s finger and lips, but the autopsy showed he didn’t.

  • Denise Dunn says:

    I went to school with Cher in Purdy MO.What a tragic thing to happen to her.She was a very nice girl.Sad

  • Mark Scheerhoorn says:

    This is the best true crime I’ve read since Anne Rules’ “The Stranger Beside Me” about serial killer Ted Bundy.

    It is chilling how both were able to attract and convince women they were safe so easily. Luther’s girlfriend, Deborah/Debra (don’t remember the spelling) was an especially sad case. She knew what he was yet didn’t consider life w/o him worth living.

  • Leslie says:

    Which victim had her finger and lips cut off?Some claimed that he told them that but he was clearly a loar.Cher Elder didn’t have her lips cut off or a finger.Curious do you know if they ever found the ring.I know they hadn’t at trial time but being how much time has passed was curious if it ever turned up.

  • Leslie says:

    In the book Monster it states that the removal of her Cher’s finger and lips was a lie.He lied about everything.He is a Monster and the only comfort her family has is one day he will have to answer to God.I wish he had gotten the death penality.That twelfth juror broke the law and had every intention of doing so from the beginning.Wonder if she would have been alright with Luther ggiving one of her granddaughters a ride.Shame on her and the justice system that protects killers.

  • laura rodgers says:

    I read Monster, great book. Thomas Luther was a a pathological liar like almost all psychopaths. “cutting her lips off” was his story about her being an informant or “snitch”. If you read his history you know all of the woman he raped and murdered, he continually tried to make them look like a “drug deal gone bad”.

  • I just got “MONSTER” for a Xmas gift from my son. It is an excellent book for people who are into reading true crime. Ann Rule is great too. I can’t imagine getting into a car with a stranger to begin with. I feel much pain for the parents and families of all victims involved in Monster. My prayers go out to Cher Elder and especially to the dedicated detective who never gave up. Hell is too good for Thomas Luther.

  • Steven Jackson is the new ANN RULE.thoroughly enjoyed MONSTER!

  • Liz says:

    One of the best true-crime books I’ve read is “Monster”, which describes why Thomas Luther is among the worst of them. I was going to say what I thought the real tragedy of this is, then realized he might be happy to hear it.

  • Cindyrella says:

    I also just finished the book Monster. I was so saddened that one juror decided to break the rules of not talking to anyone about the trial and speak with a priest who talked her into not letting this man die. He deserved to get the same treatment he has given women. I hope his life in prison has been a living hell for he is the embodiment of everything evil.

  • I am Debra Snider’s son, JT Sayotovich. Please contact me if you would like some more information.

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