Victims of the Alphabet Murderer

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The Alphabet Murderer, otherwise known as the Double Initial Killer, is known to have murdered three people and is suspected of murdering an additional four. We currently have information on all of the known and suspected victims.

Carmen Colon

Carmen, age 10, disappeared on November 16, 1971. Her remains were discovered on November 18, 1971 in Riga, near Chili.

Wanda Walkowicz

Wanda, age 11, was disappeared on April 2, 1973. Her remains were discovered on April 3, 1973 in Webster, near Rochester.

Michelle Maenza

Michelle, age 11, disappeared on November 26, 1973. Her remains were found on November 28, 1973 in Macedon, near Rochester.

Roxene Roggash

18 year old Roxene was found murdered in 1977. She was living in Oakland, but her remains were found in White Hill.

Carmen Colon

Carmen, 22 years old from Port Costa, was murdered in 1978.

Pamela Parsons

Pamela, age 38 from Yuba County, was found murdered in 1993.

Tracy Tafoya

Tracy, age 31, from Yuba County, was found murdered in 1994.

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