Execution of David Alan Gore Scheduled

on February 28, 2012 in Serial Killers by

Florida governor Rick Scott signed the death warrant today for David Alan Gore. Gore was convicted of murdering Lynn Elliott in July 1983.

The execution is scheduled to occur between noon on Thursday, April 12 and noon on Thursday, April 19.

Gore and his cousin Fred Waterfield picked up Lynn and her friend Regan Martin as they were hitchhiking. Gore, a former auxiliary deputy with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, handcuffed the girls, and he and Waterfield raped them.

Elliot tried to escape, and was chased down and shot in the head twice by Gore. A 15-year-old boy witnessed the shooting and called the police. This lead to the capture of Gore and Waterfield, and the rescue of Regan.

Gore was eventually convicted of six murders. In addition to his death sentence for Lynn, he received five life sentences.


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