Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Joseph Naso

on March 1, 2012 in Alleged Serial Killers by

Marin County Deputy District Attorney Dori Ahana announced Wednesday that her office will seek the death penalty for Joseph Naso, who was being arraigned in Marin County Superior Court.

Naso re-entered his pleas of not-guitly to the four murder charges he faced. He also waived his right to have a trial within 60 days. Representing himself, Naso said he needs four weeks to prepare a motion to dismiss the charges against him.

Judge Andrew Sweet set a hearing for March 28 to get a status report on that motion, and to set a trial date.


  • Tina P says:

    There are no words for this. It’s chilling how recently he was captured, and that he is still pleading not guilty, despite the wealth of evidence discovered.

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