Wesley Shermantine Writes Second Letter to Media

on March 12, 2012 in Serial Killers by

Wesley Shermantine has written a second letter to CBS13 Sacramento’s Koula Gianulias. The letter is posted here.

The most notable part is that he claims he, Loren Herzog and an unnamed person killer 72 people. The name of his associate is blacked out, assumably by CBS13 as there’s no evidence that person was really involved.

The letter also says that bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who promised Shermantine $33,000 for information that lead to bodies being recovered, has not paid him a dime.

Padilla says he tried to mail Shermantine a check, but it was returned by the USPS. He says he is trying to use the prison currency system, but doesn’t know why Shermantine hasn’t received the money.

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