Victims of Billy Dean Battenfield

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Billy Dean Battenfield has been found guilty for murdering three people and is currently on trial for the murder of another victim. We currently have information on all of his known victims.

Edward Elkington

Edward Elkington, age 83, was murdered in the late 1970s. Battenfield was found guilty and served time for this murder.

Roy Lovelady

Roy, age 75, disappeared from his home in Texas in May of 1975. His remains were discovered at the bottom of a well in February of 1979. Battenfield was found guilty and served time for this murder.

Thelma Ruth McCarty

Thelma, age 51, went missing from her home in Texas in June of 1977. Her remains were discovered at the bottom of a well in February of 1979. Battenfield was found guilty and served time for this murder.

Clair Owen Pollard

Clair, age 80, was found murdered on November 20, 2011. He had been stabbed to death in his home in Oklahoma. Battenfield is currently on trail for this murder.


  • Steve Deffibaugh says:

    I was with Collin County SO and broke the case on Roy Lovelady. Battenfield was doing time in New Mexico at time case broke. He was involved in the New Mexico Prison rights, thought officials in Utah was looking at him on some cases also.

    • Sara Weaver says:

      Was Roy the one that was found with Thelma? Thelma was my grandmother, I was born a couple months after she went missing, but before she was found. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me. jayslovelywife at gmail dot com

    • Ron Dye says:

      Battenfield attempted an escape from the Indio, Calif. jail by feigning a suicide attempt (wrist cut). I ended up chasing him three blocks before catching him. Had no idea he would turn to murder but knew he wasn’t worth much.

  • Billy Dean batten field was is my grandmother’s bother. ( My great uncle)
    He is a worthless man.
    Of there are any questions I can try to help get answers for. I’d be happy to help..
    They should have never let him out in the first place

    • DeAnn P says:

      I was a neighbor to Mr. Pollard so when this happened I was shaken to the core. I have always wondered how in the hell Battenfield had been convicted of multiple homicides in at least 2 states, completed the sentences, and was released back into society. He made his way to Norman, OK and got a job at a local Braums ice cream store, while on parole out of TEXAS. HOW??? How do you get paroled after multiple murders, allowed to cross state lines, and get employed by a large Oklahoma company like Braums?

      First of all, if I were Mr. Pollard’s family I would own the State of Texas by now. They released a known serial killer, with inadequate supervision! How do you ensure this guy won’t commit murder again, released in TX and allowed to live in OK?? 2nd, SHAME ON BRAUMS for employing this POS!! A basic google search would have revealed his criminal history even before the Pollard murder. Have you seen a photo of this man?? Obviously straight from hell. 3rd, HOW was the prosecutor satisfied with the conviction? This man should have easily received the death penalty. Mr. Pollard’s death was clearly pre-meditated, and basically torture. Even if you didn’t consider past crimes, the state of OK has juiced people for less. And Texas has executed even more!! How does this evil monster keep escaping the death penalty?

      Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? Or is our system really this messed up?

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