Alexander Bychkov Confesses to Six Murders

on March 27, 2012 in Alleged Serial Killers by

After being arrested for shoplifting, 23-year-old Russian Alexander Bychkov confessed to killing at least six people, then eating their hearts and livers. Bychkov indicated that he had buried the bodies in the backyard of his house in Belinsky, a town almost 400 miles south of Moscow.

Investigators found six bodies there, and believe they may still find more.

In Bychkov’s diary, which was leaked to the Russian media, he said he turned to murder and cannibalism after his girlfriend had kicked him out of her house. He said:

She said I was a wimp, not a wolf… I will show her… Maybe she will stop complaining and understand that I am a lone wolf.

A law enforcement source revealed that there were signs of cannibalism in the recovered bodies.

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