Florida Supreme Court to Hear David Alan Gore Appeal

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The Florida Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of David Alan Gore, who is currently scheduled for execution April 12th. Gore’s San Marcos criminal defense lawyers are expected to ask the Court to block his execution during oral arguments today. 

They will say that Florida Governor Rick Scott was improperly influenced to sign Gore’s death warrant when he met with a newspaper editorial board.

Another complaint is that Gore received inadequate legal assistance during his resentencing proceedings. The attorney who represented him has since been disbarred.

Lastly, Gore’s attorneys will claim that his execution will constitute cruel and unusual punishment as he’s already spent 30 years on death row.

I’m no legal expert, and know little to nothing about Florida law, but I don’t see the first or last claim going anywhere. The last claim is especially specious, as he’s only spent so long on death row due to his continual appeals and filings. Check this professional firm if you are looking for penal online lawyers

The second claim might have some legs however. Although I have been unable to find out why his attorney was disbarred, inadequate counsel is certainly the sort of thing that will cause a court to uphold an appeal.

On the other hand, Florida is relatively aggressive in it’s application of the death penalty (although less so than my home state, Texas). It’s very possible that Gore will be sent to the death house next week as planned.


  • Judi says:

    I might be able to find out why he was disbarred.

    Florida’s only become more aggressive with carrying out executions more quickly since Bundy sat on death row (and went through appeal after appeal) as long as he did.

    As always, my home state does things in a fairly assbackwards fashion.

  • Pamela Corbeil says:

    Oh my God; when will this ever end? I just got off the phone with the mother of the girl that was with Lynn Elliott that day and the state refuses to pay any travel expense for her and her son in law; who is married to Regan. Regan is not going but is sending her husband and mother to represent her. What is wrong with this country and their laws; where are the victims rights in such attrocities?

    • Brian Combs says:

      It probably ends next week. While the Florida Supreme Court has yet to rule in the case, comments from one of the Justices does not bode well for Gore.

      And most of the analysis I read today doesn’t think Gore has much of a case.

      If the Florida Supreme Court does rule against Gore, the Feds could intervene in his favor, but I doubt that they will.

  • chet blair says:

    david gore grew up in same town as i my family knew his family,his family were really good hardworking people ,but favid for the yhings hes done needs to be tortured real slow till hes dead like the women he tortured and killed i say an eye for an eye

  • Judi says:


    The state of Florida is under no obligation to pay Regan’s travel expenses because this is an appellate case and there will be no witnesses called to testify.

    I’m sure a search on the internet would bring up several victim’s rights/advocacy groups that may offer assistance with expenses.

  • Brian Combs says:

    Quick update: The Florida Supreme Court rejected his appeal and Gore’s lawyers have appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. In the meantime, Florida has set his execution for Thursday at 6pm.

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