Victims of the Main South Woodsman

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The Main South Woodsman is known to have murdered three victims, but is also thought to have been involved in the murders of four others in Massachusetts. We currently have information on the known and suspected victims of the Main South Woodsman.

Betzaida Montalvo

Betzaida, age 29, went missing in early April of 2003. On September 24, 2003 her remains were  found in a shallow grave. Betzaida is a known victim of the Main South Woodsman.

Carmen Ruby

Carmen, age 29, went missing on September 30, 2002. Her remains were found on September 29, 2003. She is a known victim of the Main South Woodsman.

Dinelia Torres

Dinelia, age 33, went missing in late August, 2003. Her remains were found on March 4, 2004. She is a known victim of the Main South Woodsman.

Wendy A. Morello

Wendy, age 40, was last seen on September 5, 2004. Her remains were found on September 13, 2004. She is a suspected victim of the Main South Woodsman.

Lineida Olivera

Lineida, age 34, was last seen in January of 2007. Her remains were found on September 4, 2007. She is a suspected victim of the Main South Woodsman.

Theresa K. Stone

Theresa, age 39, was last seen on October 5, 1996. Her remains were discovered on October 23, 1996. She is a suspected victim of the Main South Woodsman.

Seanna Lynn Donnelly

Seanna, age 24, was found murdered on May 4, 2009. She is a suspected victim of the Main South Woodsman.


  • Rob says:

    Why do you say that Seanna Lynn Donnelly is a suspected victim of the Main South Woodsman, she doesn’t fit the M.O. and I cannot find it anywhere else on the internet?

    • Brian Combs says:


      We based our list, at least partially, on this profile (.doc file).

      • Rob says:


        I actually read this last night after I left this post, but I still don’t quite understand where Seanna fits in, she is 5 years younger than the youngest confirmed victim, caucasian, and has no known connection to prostitutes in Worcester (even though she clearly spent a lot of time in this area of MA). It just doesn’t seem to add up.

        • Researcher says:

          They connected her with the other murders because her remains were found a little over a mile away from Montalvo and Rudy’s.

  • Researcher says:

    Sorry that’s incorrect– Torres’ were found by Motalvo and Rudy’s remains.

  • nikkilove1435 says:

    It really sucks that for years I am left to wonder and suspect that my own father is the south main woodsman. He worked and lived i the area , drives a creepy van. I also had to bail him out of worchester house for pickig up a working girl . He also hates women cause he’s been married and divorced three times , they all left . I pray I am just paraoid….

  • laurie says:

    Seanna’s case has been closed. her killers name was hi yang from fitchburg.he also killed at least 2 other women.

  • Devenalee Wilson says:

    Betsy montalvo aka betzaida was a.very good friend of mine I am very upset that after all this time her killer has not been caught and brought to justice even though Betsy walked down the wrong path of life does not make her any less of the sweet warm hearted kind woman that she was I only hope that her children know that despite her lifestyle she loved them so much that’s all she ever talked about was them I will take to my grave memories of her and it hurts me because it haunts me because I don’t know exactly what she went through on her last day it was never said exactly how she was killed I just hope she is finally at peace and is watching over her children I will forever have her in my heart her death was my rebirth I change my lifestyle drastically after she disappeared in was found I am now proud to be a grandmother and my regret is that she will never know her childrens children like I have…there is not a day goes by where I do not think of her she was my best friend my little peanutis she will be forever missed

  • Devenalee Wilson says:

    Ps…nikkilove1435 could you please hmu at my email i think i know your dad and have had2 separate run ins w him and would really like to pick your brain’s about sumthn..thnk u

  • unpublished please says:

    I know a guy who always hangs out in Worcester on south main all the time. He picks up girls prostituting. In fact he grew up in Hudson I believe too. Last fact I know is one died by OD in house. Seems he may fit profile but is in late 60’s or early 70’s now so the age may disreguard him but what a coincidence I think.

  • Martine says:

    Very interesting show.

  • Martine says:

    Lots of men see prostitutes, don’t they? Its not a great thing, but simply seeing them in that certain area probably won’t narrow it down to the serial killer.

  • Martine says:

    OK, now I am more confused, The “person of Interest” you refer to supposedly drove a red and white truck according to the trial transcript. NOT a black one as the family contact( sister of the deceased) is saying. I thought I remembered that. These are such biased accounts, its hard to know what to think. OH well. Its sad that these young women had to end up that way, no matter what they did. Although their kids may be better off in some ways. I know I have seen what it does to kids when they have mothers that are constantly “recovering and getting their life together.” I hate to say it, but at least this way the kids get to mourn, and get one with establishing a home life, not waiting around, never knowing if their mothers suddenly decide to “get better” and take them away from anything they have established.

  • jessicabeaudoin says:

    My friend was Dinelia Torres..She was an amazing friend of mine!!! I miss her so much…She was also a great mom!!! I hope the person that did this to her and the other victims pays for what he did!!! R.I.P Dee You nolong have to suffer…. Your missed and will Never be for gotten…

  • Tom says:

    Betsy Montalvo was a very good friend of mine.We hung out daily for a 6 month period in 1997 and later visited occasionally through 1998. She was one of the most kind hearted people I have had the pleasure to know and she was very loyal to her family and close friends. Her kids were everything to her. Sadly we both were sliding into addiction at the same time, but at that time she absolutely was not into prostitution. Long story but we kind of had to go down different paths but she was always my friend and I hope she felt the same. Very coincidentally in early 1998 I spent a week in a detox with Al Scesny( suspected now to be the woodsman). The detox was in Worcester a few blocks from Betsy’s. I even used to visit her during breaks in aftercare meetings. Al lived in Leominster at the time and had a huge drinking problem. he was a painter at the time I believe. I even went to 2 AA meetings with him in Fitchburg when we got out and my girlfriend spent an afternoon with his girlfriend. I could believe what he’s accused of in hindsight but there were no obvious signs. At one point he got weird and I never talked to him again.It’s a small strange world.

  • How do they know yang killed Seanna? How was she killed? How did she meet up with him? I’m her sister in law.

    • Laurie Pouliot says:

      They found seanna wrapped up in the same paper that was in hi yangs apartment. Another woman was in his bed, dead of a gunshot wound to her head.

  • Seam as daughter is my niece.

  • TEA says:

    I knew Alex.He most definitely is guilty. I’d bet my life on it. He could absolutely seem normal in every day life, but he is violent when on drugs. He did not kill Seanna. I knew her as well. She was caught up on the streets, but was a wonderful person.She had the prettiest curls. I remember she would come in where I used to work and i would always make sure she had something to eat. The last time I saw her I gave her a new jacket and she was so happy =)

    • Laurie Pouliot says:

      Im seannas mom..its her birthday today. Its been 10 years. Still feels like yesterday. Thankyou for being kind to her.

  • james says:

    The girls name is Carman RuDy, not Ruby.. I went to high school with her, to bad she had gotting into drugs like so many others.

  • Cinnamon Girl says:

    Definitely Alex Scesny. My guess is he’s also the New Bedford Highway killer. The victims in New Bedford were primarily petite, brunette, and Hispanic. Crazy story I have of him – around 2003 my car broke down In downtown Fitcchburg at 1am. I was 21 at the time. I was walking up and down main st. trying to find a pay phone. I still lived at home with my parents. Our next door neighbor was one of Alex Scesny’s brothers who also worked In construction. So as I’m walking around downtown Fitchburg at 1am I see a truck pull up next to me that says “scesny construction”. Woo hoo I think, it’s my neighbor and he’ll give me a ride home! Rolls down his window and I immediately realize it’s not my neighbor but looks kind of like him. The guy asks if I’m looking for a date. Absolutely mortified I respond very harshly that I’m not a prostitute and I’m looking for a phone because my car broke down. He took off and I eventually found a phone. Side note – I’m a petite brunette, not Hispanic.

  • Lizz says:

    Hi, my name is Lizz I’m Betsy older daughter and I would like to meet the people who new her to know more about her and what she was going threw as a young lady. Tom & devenalee Wilson please contact me.

  • Tom says:


    I will contact you sometime fairly soon. If I can’t find your contact info I will post here again by next week.


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