Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. Convicted of Natalie Holley’s Murder for the Fourth Time

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Three times Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. was convicted of first degree murder of 25-year-old Natalie Holley, and three times his conviction was overturned on appeal. The fourth time, prosecutors went for a lessor charge of second degree murder, in hopes that it would stick.

A jury needed less than two hours to bring back a conviction. They did not learn until after the conviction was announced that Bolin had been convicted of the murder three times previously.

Bolin is already on death row for the murders of Teri Lynn Matthews, 26, and Stephanie Collins, 17, in 1986.

Teri Lynn’s mother Kathleen Reeves said:

He’ll be back. He’ll appeal it. He’s like a bad penny.


  • Anita Holley says:

    He killed my sister, Blanche.
    He will be executed soon. I am glad. I would execute him myself if that were an option.

  • Phyllis Williams Shorter says:

    Blanche was my friend. She was a beautiful girl with long brown hair and a big smile. She was going to get married to John k. I was so happy for her, the last time I saw Blanche was at nation bank we both were managers at churchs chicken she told me she had just came home from England a trip she made with her mom. She didn’t deserve this. Her family didn’t open her casket because of what this monster did. May he burn in hell, for all the other girls as well Its been 23ys she would have been 48. I will always think of you. RIP my sweet girl. will see you in heaven.

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