Victims of Joseph Roy Metheny

on April 29, 2010 in Serial Killers, Victimology by

Joseph Roy Metheny was charged for murdering three people, but has confessed to murdering three men and four women. We currently have information on three of his known victims.

Cathy Ann Magaziner

Cathy was murdered in 1994.

Kimberly Spicer

Kimberly, age 26, was murdered in 1996.

 Toni Ingrassia

Toni, age 28, was murdered by Metheny.


  • Fannie Sue Turner says:

    I am Joe Metheny ex old lady we have son I always knew he had a dark side about him.

  • Fannie Sue Turner says:

    I Also want to add that some things Joe said was not accurate. I worked hard at the marriott hotel trying to provide for us for three years! It’s a long sad story.

  • william karp says:

    Why in God’s name is there a reason to keep this piece of trash alive?

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