Victims of William Darrell Lindsey

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William Darrell Lindsey was found guilty of murdering seven people. We currently have information on all of his victims.

Lisa Foley

Lisa was murdered on October 9, 1983.

Anita Stevens

Antia was beaten to death on November 29, 1988.

Connie Terrell

Connie was strangled and then shot to death on June 10, 1989.

LaShawna Streeter 

LaShawna was beaten to death on March 1, 1992.

Donetha Snead-Haile

Donetha was murdered on April 23, 1993.

Diana Richardson

Diana was beaten to death in October of 1995.

Lucy Arnett Raymer

Lucy was murdered in December of 1996.


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  • M.Smith says:

    Hello Jessie; William was my husbands uncle. The book is horrible and does not protray the real family he grew up with. His mother was not an evil person neither were any of his “adopted” siblings. I wish I could correct all of the miss information in that book.. I am sorry you are ill. It is a disease in which there is no cure. If you feel like you will end up like him, get your self some good professional help and with proper help and medication you can live a normal life.. good luck in your future. And family does know what a good guy he once was.

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