Bremerton Person of Interest under Constant Surveillance

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Bremerton, Washington officials say that while they do not have enough evidence to arrest their “person of interest” in the murder of two people and the stabbing of a third, they are keeping him under 24-hour surveillance and continue to gather evidence.

Said Mayer Patty Lent:

Until we have that DNA that can tie him or the weapon that was used, then how are we going to convict and prosecute? And that’s what we want — him off the street forever.

Sources say there is video footage of the person of interest purchasing a knife from a Safeway only minutes before one of the attacks. No knife has been recovered in any of the attacks.

Kenny Cobb, who survived an attack, was unable to choose the person of interest out of a police lineup.

Investigators have searched five locations where the person of interest is believed to have either lived or frequented. Three of the batches of evidence seized were inconclusive, while two are still being processed by the FBI.

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