Serial Killer Geoffrey Evans Dies

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Geoffrey Evans, who confessed that he planned to rape and kill one woman a week, has died at St. Mary’s Nursing Home in Ireland. He has been in a coma since suffering a stroke during a heart surgery in December 2008.

Evans, along with accomplice John Shaw, kidnapped, raped and murdered Elizabeth Plunkett and Mary Duffy in 1976. They were convicted in 1978.

In August 1976, they offered Elizabeth, a 23-year-old store clerk, a ride in Brittas, Co Wicklow. They drove to Castletimon Wood and raped her repeatedly.

Under Evans orders, Shaw strangled her to death with the sleeve of a nylon shirt.

On September 11 in Castlebar, they picked up Mary, a cook who was trying to find a ride home to her family farm. After raping her in the back of the car, they tied her to a tree and raped her again. Shaw then suffocated her with a cushion.

The previous day, a store clerk had noticed the poorly repainted stolen car, and reported the license plate to the police. On September 26, a patrol car spotted them and picked them up.

They soon confessed to the murders.

Shaw remains behind bars in Castlerea Prison in Co Roscommon.

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