Victims of Glen Rogers

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Glen Rogers was found guilty for murdering two people, but confessed to the murders of over seventy people. We currently have information on all of his known and suspected victims.

Thomas Allen Wolsefer 

Thomas was found dead on January 7, 1991. Rogers confessed to murdering Thomas, but police did not investigate.

Carrie Ellen Gaskins

Carrie, age 30, was murdered on January 28, 1992. Rogers is suspected to have been involved in her murder.

Kelly Lynn Camargo

Kelly, age 16, was murdered on August 22, 1993. Her remains were discovered two weeks later. Rogers is suspected to have been involved in her murder.


A woman named Mary was raped and murdered in 1993. Rogers is suspected to have been involved in her murder.

Mark Peters

Mark, age 73, was murdered on November 1, 1993. Rogers is suspected to have been involved in his murder.

Sandra Gennell Gallagher

Sandra, age 33, was murdered on September 29, 1995. She had been raped and then stabbed to death. Rogers was found guilty for committing this murder.

Linda D. Price

Linda, age 34, was murdered on November 3, 1995. Rogers is suspected to have been involved in her murder.

Tina Marie Cribbs 

Tina, age 34, was murdered on November 7, 1995. She had been stabbed to death. Rogers was found guilty for committing this murder.

Andy Jiles Sutton

Andy, age 37, was murdered on November 9, 1995. She had been stabbed to death. Rogers is suspected to have been involved in her murder.

Update April 30, 2013: The name of Rogers’ last victim has been corrected from Tina Marla Cribbs to Tina Marie Cribbs.


  • Regina Allen says:

    Has Glen Rodgers ever mentioned any victims in Michigan in July of 1988?? My brother is doing life in prison, for a murder he did not commit.

    • nick m says:

      regina, did you try writing Glen in prison prior to his execution?

      • Barbara (Stuckey) Cook says:

        Has he been executed hopefully I was a attacked two weeks before Price was killed in South Jackson police did not believe me.Reported rape and they acted like I was the criminal. Might have saved the other girl if they had listened.

        • Kim says:

          Glen Rogers is on death row in CA. He will probably never be executed. He’ll probably die in prison.

          • Kim says:

            CORRECTION: Glen is in a FL prison awaiting execution

          • bethany says:

            I hope they execute him…… I feel all murderers deserve the death penalty. I feel they should kill him the way he killed tina marie vega cribs. he dosent deserve to breath, and tax payers should not have to feed them sickos

          • billie j Morrison-Mackey says:

            correction please …he is in starke , florida

        • Robert says:

          I’ve watched this murder in our hometown of Jackson,MS and I lived in Briarcliff apartments from 2002-2003. I wished they would have listen to you like you said and Price might be alive today. Jackson Police Department lacks good detectives even today 2019.. Thank God you survived Barbara. May God continue to bless you.

    • Mitch Hicks says:

      I saw a show on discovery ID that said there was at least one victim in Michigan. Didn’t catch the name but I will try to see it again and get you some word if possible. The show was called something like My Brother the Serial Killer or some such…

      • CJ says:

        Gene Ludwig is the Michigan victim. Watching the show right now and decided to research it…

        • Kim says:

          Her name is Nancy Ludwig. A Jeffery Gordon is serving life w/o parole in a MI prison for her murder

          • He first killed Margeret Eby in Flint MI , some time later he killed Nancy Ludwig at a hotel near Detroit , she was airline stewardess . MS.Ebys son read about the Ludwig MURDER and contacted police telling them he believed the cases were related . They were !

    • Lori says:

      Your brother did commit the two murders he is in prison for! DNA evidence does not lie, Regina!!

    • Kim says:

      Was it for the murder of flight attendant Nancy Ludwig?

    • Jack says:

      What makes u think he isn’t guilty

  • Sandra says:

    Why is he still alive?

  • sandy says:

    My father was living in Naples Florida & said he was spending much

    time with a Red headed cab driver from Hamilton Oh & a “homeless” women who was addicted to crack in 1995. He was found dead hanging over the bath tub. The police blow it off saying the door was locked from the inside. I suspect the cab driver may have been Glen Rogers.

  • sandy says:

    I’m looking for details on where Glen Rogers was & info police have released. Seems he’s really been around. Hopefully the author or someone who visits this site can direct us. Internet is so full of Glen Rogers/ OJ’s ex stuff right now. Assume he is alive while other suspected cases open.

    • I’m Joanne Rogers no relation but I met glen in ga he had a girl friend was my friends mom he was a welder. We rented furniture he was Roy Rogers I used my SS number. He was quiet his girl friend was mean she hit him she would drink an she was mean. He told me he left California an came to ga. I was pregnante young an homeless. He worked as a welder on hwy 78 I just know when I saw him it was glen also he told me his name but he used a different name I remember he told me his name like it was a accident he had a reaction. But I know for a fact I know him that’s glen we all lived together for two three months

  • Rick says:

    Curious if Glen Rogers was around and committed any crimes in the Salinas, Ca. area @ July 2,1990. I had a female friend stabbed and left in shower/tub at her home.

  • sandy says:

    Wish I had more info on him. If I find anything I will certainly post it here so we may all get some answers.

  • Richard says:

    it just amazes me at the brutality of humans on humans. How many Glen Rogers are out there that we dont know about??? it seems he killed purely because he could. Im deeply sorry for all his victums and thier families.God will give us answers in the end ,for me because i have question that no one on earth could just saddens my heart. something people like this dont have .

  • I don’t care if you use information that my co-author, John Eckberg, compiled for our investigative book Road Dog (Federal Point, 2003), but please spell the names right. It’s Tina Marie Cribbs, not Tina Marla.

    • Brian Combs says:

      Thanks. I have corrected it.

    • Brenda Bowman says:

      I am curious if there is a way to contact Glen Edward Rogers. I am interested in writing letters or possible visitation. I am criminal justice student and would love to research this man. Please respond as I am eagerly waiting your response. Thank you

      • Brian Combs says:

        You can try mailing the prison he’s in. It’s a long shot, but it might work.

        According to the Florida Death Row registry, he’s at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida. Good luck.

        • billie j Morrison-Mackey says:

          just be very careful ….hes charming , cunning , mulipulative, a user ..been visiting and writing him for many years.

  • Tammy says:

    To the 1st comment in late88 to early 89 he bragged to me and some friends about how he had shot and killed a guy. Hope it helps

    • billie j Morrison-Mackey says:

      yes…hes admitted to me that he did kill that old man , the one they found in their cabin in Ky.

  • Anthony M says:

    Maybe I can help clarify some of the open cases/questions. I was the criminal profiler who appeared on the ID Discovery documentary and have visited Glen Rogers 8x in prison. Glen has written over 1,000 pages to me since 2010, though he oddly broke his weekly communication around May 2013. No doubt due to the press.

    Believe me, Glen did not want any of the information released, but I felt compelled to tell what I knew if it would serve justice. His art and letters preceded Discovery ever contacting me, so it was not for more press as has been widely speculated. That last thing he wanted was more attention being out of appeals.

    There is much more than was covered on the documentary. When I signed on, I had no idea his brother was going to narrate the program, nor did I know the title was going to change.

    • swkrebs says:

      We had a family member named Laney who was killed and found in the Ohio river her black honda was never found from Hamilton ohio in 1993/1994. I believe he was the killer.

      • John Eckberg says:

        Hello – I am the co-author of Road Dog. My condolences on Laney. Could you tell more about the circumstances?

    • Lynn says:

      Glen Rogers was traveling with the circus in 1989; according to some of my research on him. I have been curious to know if he was in Maine within that time frame at all? There seems to be a case I am interested in and he appears to match to some degree the sketch and description of the man that was seen with the young lady. Did he ever mention being in this area? The murder is extremely similar to his past murders as well. Thank you for your time

    • billie j Morrison-Mackey says:

      as far as he ever told me about you anthony , was that he had you on nothing more than a wild goose chase ….says it with that glen rogers laugh of his. werent you the one that he had in a helicopter one time , flying over california some place , looking for 2 trees ? Where you would find a knife ? He laughs at that to this day. hes very cunning. ( its sad that he can still manipulate from his cell )

  • Anthony M says:

    My best guess is that Glen Edward Rogers is responsible for approximately 17 deaths from Ohio to CA. I have written and verbal admissions of possible murders in OH, KY, FL, CA, LA, MS, OK. He was never in Michigan to my knowledge. If he was in Michigan, it would have been a brief visit, but no known connections there.

    Wherever Glen went, death soon followed.

    He is far more prolific a serial killer than we will ever know unless he confesses before lethal injection.

    • sandy says:

      Anthony or anyone with info, has the info you speak of been published? Thank you for all the info and comments.

    • Jessica H. Kiefer says:

      Anthony…..Can you contact me, please?? I’m interested in the Mississippi information Glenn wrote about and no others…I’m not a fan of Glenn Rogers and I’m not in law enforcement of any kind…I just want some information to try and figure out if it matches an old case that happened near my childhood home(4-5 miles away)… I think his M/O? matches the murder of Shondra May in Walnut Grove, MS (nearest town to where her abduction began) She was found dead in Hinds county. Why do I want this information??? I knew Glenn and things don’t add up, in my head, now that I’m an adult…. I have too much info. to write down and too many questions….LOL Here’s my email… I’d be very thankful if you could speak with me a bit in private. Thanks. P.S.- To anyone else…If you have any information on Glenn and his time in Mississippi I’d be glad to hear from you as well. I need answers. The case I’m referring to is the Shondra May case in Walnut Grove, MS…she lived in Collins/Collinsville area (Rural Walnut Grove, MS) Abducted from her own driveway and found murdered on a rural road in Hinds County, Jackson, MS days later. She was my friend and her case is still unsolved after all these years. Small town law enforcement was unprepared for this type of case back then, and the years have passed, without leads as far as I know….I’m just getting my feet wet on this case(I started investigating it two days ago.). I bet the case is old enough that we could get the freedom of information act to apply… I’m 44 now and when it happened I was just a teen…around 15 years old then…even if Mr. Rogers wasn’t involved the case is still unsolved….. Thank all of you for your time!!!! If you’d like to help me solve this murder I’d be glad to have a sleuthing buddy!!! I think Shondra’s killer deserves to be caught!!!!!

    • was he in or near Florida Jan.1990? A lot of his victims and his mom resemble each other and my murdered sister. I have been trying to get a timeline on his whereabouts. The police seem to be of no help.

    • do you know if he murdered before 91?

  • Darla Roberts says:

    I have a cousin that went missing when Glen was in Fla in 1991,Her name is Paula Janet Waid. She was a beautiful redhead that went missing from Land O lakes Fla….I would love to know what happened…..

    • SJoB says:

      I know its a long shot but did your cousin have any disdinctive tattoos? I just keep coming across her name while searching for clues on a Jane Doe found in Boone Co. Indiana 1992 – short red/brown hair , known to have spent time or lived in a southwestern state – several tattoos
      I just couldn’t rest without putting it out there <3

  • Kathy W says:

    I am watching a show about this guy right now on ID channel. They said (a statement he told them) that “he has killed over 70 people…so many no one knows about.” This guy is as sick as the rest of the others that have been caught.

    • Anita says:

      Supposedly, his mother did not protect him when he was a child from abuse by his father and others, and later raped in prison, so he kills redheads to get out his anger at her. Child abuse happens to a lot of us but we don’t go around killing people.

  • Sheila says:

    For Anthony M: Do you think you will be able to compile enough information to publish a manuscript with the details you have been able to obtain from his letters and your review of Glen Robert’s artwork? Giving some way for people who suspect that their loved one(s) may have fallen victim to him — to track his path of destruction to determine, and hopefully rule out the possibility of these innocents crossing paths with this prolific killer?

  • Darla Roberts says:

    I watched that show several times and I always get chills thinking that My Sweet Cousin could actually be a victim and the thought of Glen Rogers Ice Cold Eyes were the last thing she saw chills me to the bone! I wish I knew,22 years is a long time to grieve….

  • Amy b says:

    Do you know if he could have links with this case or any of these victims relating to the redhead killer?

  • Norma Black says:

    I had a friend/ coworker named Camille with red hair and glasses that disappeared in DES Moines at Merle Hay Mall fall of 1978, she was later found years later buried in some woods. They couldn’t tell how she was murdered but she did hitch hike her way around since she had no car. I didn’t see Iowa mentioned but wonder if he could have started much earlier.

  • Leigh says:

    I know Andys children sad sad story

  • Carlene Brock says:

    I was one of Carrie Gaskins closest friends. It has been years since her death and I wonder if the truth will ever be found out. Her daughters deserve to know the truth as to what happened. I pray that 2014 will be the year that this case will come to a close. I wanted to let you in on what Carrie was like. She was a wonderful Wife, Mother and Daughter her home was always neat as a pin. She was not a prostitute as some have reported for Glen Rogers. She got up that morning, got the girls on their way to school and went about her morning routine. She was a good friend and I will never forget her.

  • Jeff J says:

    Anthony, why was his brother, sister and mother not charged? As i am sure it could of saved lives here? any idea? was it a DA deal in exchange for info that kept them from prosecution? at one point Clay states his brother came by and opened a trunk of a car, showing Clay a body, for which Clay’s reply was “get that out of here” A great many laws were broken and ignored, possibly shadowed by the volume, size and type of crime Glen committed? Any idea as to his actual death date? On another site I seen where an obvious reporter was looking for help finding the “rogers family cemetery” in “lee county Kentucky” for which there was only only reply, a rather dark reply, yet simple and to the point by a new user account whereby the reply stated “anyone in particular your looking for” ect ect. I Imagine with Clays coverage of the cemetery in combination with Glens repeated remarks to Clay about burying a body over another body ect ect as well as having two other sets of human remains unrelated to the older gentleman’s body whom Clay ad found, I would guess that finding that cemetery is a high priority of many, from wackos and ghost hunters to liget crime reporters and possibly family members of the missing in Southern Ohio/Kentucky. Really neat to see you had taken the time to reply here and try to help.

  • Anthony says:

    Glen’s family never was actually involved in his crimes. While he is alleged by Clay (please take whatever you hear from Clay with a slight grain of salt – Glen does not write him, talk to him or even acknowledge him anymore) to have done things, there is no direct proof.

    The odd thing, I have information that was literally hand-drawn by Glen, while we were visiting, and handed over to police. Nothing was done. I have maps, eluding to crimes, admissions on paper – handed to police, nothing was done.

    The cemetery you refer to is the Rogers’ family cemetery. It is well known and can be found rather easily. Cadaver dogs or electro magnetic imaging devices could be used – but have they? I got a call from a Japanese reporter a few months after the documentary aired saying they had begun digging up the family cemetery. This was untrue. They were simply trying to get more information from me that I did not know.

    Is “self reporting” by a serial killer to be deemed 100% accurate? no. However, the OJ Simpson story did not start with me and has been around since 1995. Glen’s alleged involvement in this was not only shown on the documentary and forwarded to the prosecution, but swept under the rug.

    Another thing, all of the information I learned from Glen was BEFORE the production company called me. Glen did not want the pres. In fact, after I went “public” with the information he did not contact me again. The only thing I have received from Glen, a man who wrote me 3-4x a week for 3+ years, is two letters and 1 Christmas card received 2 weeks ago.

    As far as the “fame game,” he does not need the press. Inmates on death row want to lie low and being in a large documentary that the world is talking about is not good for him. I felt that his story was compelling, long-lasting, plausible and (in person) very convincing.

    If you look at the life of Mr. Simpson, he never did anything on his own. Why were there no bloody kick prints on the wall or blood marks on the wall if the perpetrator scaled the wall to make the “three bumps in the night?”

    There were post mortem wounds inflicted on Nicole’s neck – three of them. This is highly consistent with Rogers’ signature and atypical of husband-wife murders. Sure, there is often overkill or wounds that are the nature of two people who were emotionally tied at one time – but not what we saw in Brentwood.

    In Las Vegas, OJ didn’t even do his own bidding to get a signed jersey back, he hired goons to do the work. He lived a silver spoon life and was not THAT DUMB to be involved in the direct killing.

    Rogers provided to me a detailed explanation, in writing, of who was killed first, the meeting night (OJ), the time of this meeting, and if it can all be disproved, then it is all hocus pocus.

    But we have a notorious serial killer, 22 minutes from the crime scene, who had been at the condo himself, who knew Nicole, knew her friends, and his last day of work JUST HAPPENED to be the day after the murders. Wow, that is quite a bit to ignore by even the most die-hard “OJ Did It” supporters.

    I am not saying OJ is innocent, I just do not think he could inflict such graphic and gruesome wounds, get in his car (very little blood was in the Bronco given the crime) and be home within a few minutes to shower and be ready for his limo at 11:00pm. Glen throws this in for fodder…”Nobody ever said OJ was alone in the Bronco.”

    Now one might say, “Why would he confess this to you?” This might be the same person who says, “Why did Glen invite you to see him 8 times and send you all his personal items when he though he was going to be executed?”

    Lots of things are not known about our relationship, which was not shown in the documentary. There is more to come from Rogers and this story, that much I can assure you. As far as Mark Peters, I told them where to look for the weapon, Glen drew a map, right down to the area where it could be found. Nobody cared! Nobody!

    I am trying to do my part, nobody cares because he is on death row. I care because there were lives taken and answers not known.

    • Nero says:

      Hello Antony, you just confirmed what I have thought from the day I learnt of Glen i.e. The signature stabbings, bingo!! I followed the case from the start as I thought this over-overkill was a serialist or a trained ex soldier with psychological scars of war (a problem denied by govts )
      However I still have issues with conflicting stories from the docu aired
      Is Glen left handed and was NBS slashed from behind? ( the slash goes upwards if analysed from her left to right ear)
      What’s the actual story: “they’re loaded and am taking her down” “killed them and framed the nigger” “…sent me to steal… You might have to kill the bitch” or any other version credible to you.
      Would I be wrong in thinking this was plan B of B. Wasz allegations of plan by Bob K. ( B. was arrested with a stolen car which was 1st part of plan in Jan same yr.
      Accepting this was Glen work, who and why was there extra set-ups or were they not?

      I’ll really be glad to hear from you Antony, as I been meaning to contact you after seeing the docu last month for 1st time.


    • Brenda Bowman says:

      Is there any personal items of glen’s I may obtain from u? I have been trying to find a drawing or any personal item from him. I have been quite obsessed with this man and his story in my criminal research. I am not a groupie but a seriously interested criminal justice student. Thank you

      • Brenda says:

        I should not have used the word “obsessed” with Glen Rogers. I just wanted to imply I am extremely interested in his case. He is more of a normal person who got too deep and lashed out rather than a killer who made a conscious decision to be a killer. My father drank and became violent but sober he was fine,loving and loyal. Glens drinking and hot temper seems more the reason he committed crimes. I hope there isn’t a death date made before the public learns more of his crimes to help the families get closure. Killing him before this happens is a disservice to the families of the victims.

    • If you really do see glen an speak to him I’m Joanne he had a short stay in ga I was homeless pregnant an his girlfriend was a friend of mines mom. He talked very little soft spoken quiet but he told me he came to ga from California an about ohio his son I believe he has a tatoo for him maybe not but I stayed with them for two three months he was a welder on hwy 78. An at first didn’t go by glen but he told me once he was quiet he wouldn’t drink but his girlfriend was mean to him. I know that I know it’s glen I’m suprised he took what she would do to him she hit him she would drink a lot. But I remember him I rented furniture an we were both Rogers he called his self Roy tell him I said hello an I had a son daniel an I’m sorry that things can’t change but I’m someone who doesn’t look at him by what’s on tv even if I didn’t know him know him who he really was. I’m glad cause I can know him how he was during those two three months

    • billie j Morrison-Mackey says:

      this is the helicopter ride i spoke of earlier …it was ALL fabricated according to glen .

  • Anthony says:

    @Carlene Brock: It is my personal belief, with a 90% certainty, that GLEN ROGERS killed Carrie Gaskins. He described specific information about her home, inside, and details known about the time of her murders, including doing a drawing that only the killer would know the details about – all were forwarded to detectives. They, I do believe, also feel Rogers killed C. Gaskins. While it is very hard to prove crimes that occurred 20+ years ago, Rogers described to me in person where he killed her, the layout of the inside of the home and where and how her body would be found. Nobody but the killer would know this information.

    Glen and Carrie knew each other, I am not sure people know this. They were “friends” and things were going down at a local “hotel” that were not exactly for the young adults to see. Glen drove for the Red Top cab company, another thing many did not know. A cab was seen leaving the scene of the crime or at least was one of the last vehicles seen in front of the home before her body was found.

    Again, do we ignore all the coincidence of Glen being the last person to see everyone alive or do we pin the murder on him. I chose the latter. Murders don’t happen every day in small towns, but with Glen Rogers as your date/host, they are likely to occur far more often.

    • Kevin says:

      Anthony,the “HOTEL”that you are referring to is the grand hotel and it was located directly next door to the red top cab company during the early to late 80’s when I use to go there. And you are correct,it was not a verry nice fact, its owner, Mike Sorber commited suicide before he was to begin a two years sentence for solicitation of guess,what? Murder.

  • Anthony says:

    @Sheila – Glen gave me maps to places he was, over 125 drawings (many with clues, both seen or not seen), he provided verbal clues and admitted to many murders in person. I have nothing to gain from all of this, really. It takes a considerable amount of my time and I did not make much for the documentary. The average person who appears as a consultant on any program far exceeded what I made.

    I have no horse in this race but the truth. People ask me, “Do you consider Glen your friend?” I developed a relationship with him as I do all the serial killers with whom I have corresponded and visited over nearly 20 years. However, we had something unique. I cannot explain it, but he wrote how he trusted me like his brother (Claude) and that the reason he CEASED writing was when I signed on to do the project.

    In many ways I REGRET going on the program altogether. I think I may have developed even more of a intimate relationship wherein he might have confessed his crimes to me.

    I cannot really compile a list but I have had many request to compile my correspondence. I would have to redact specific information about my personal information of course, but the idea of showing the world I am not lying is tempting.

    If you read the nearly 1000 pages I have, you would probably come to the very same conclusions. I do find it odd he would write so often then just cut me off if he wanted fame – no? Wouldn’t he be proud of me for getting his story that was “laughable” to some out there?

    We get the reverse. We get an inmate who trusted me, who wrote me daily, who allowed me to visit him more times in 2 years than anyone else he knew, then suddenly NOTHING. That is compelling to me. That sounds like an inmate who felt betrayed. Betrayed for telling the truth? That’s the question.

  • Carlene Brock says:


    If you are trying to say that Carrie was selling herself for sex…you my friend are barking up the wrong tree. Also what detective did you speak with in the case….I would like to know. Also do you know who is working on this case now?

  • Jeff J says:

    I agree Anthony. And i believe your work, your ability and opportunity to get close on both a social and psychological level are much more important at this point than is his automatic execution. Our knowledge and understanding of the mental triggers and associated causes that do lead a person “over the edge” so they say, is very important and will offer up new levels of understanding in the future. This newly gained knowledge and understanding can and will go a long way in increasing our understanding as a society and enable us to identify those who are rehabilitated realistically and are able to be returned back into society from those whom will never recover from their psychological conditions. I admire your efforts, I hate to hear of the set backs due to “public” and media releases and hope you are able to rekindle your connection. Just for the record and for the website moderators here, should you need help actually hands on investigating woods/cemetery/sites you have reason to believe would offer up closure for any of the victims, it is perfectly fine for this website/owners/moderators to release my email to you and i hereby release these website owners/moderators from any and all liability associated with the release of my direct email to Anthony. Let me know if i can help. I appreciate your work and efforts to still be working behind the scenes long past the point police agencies have forgotten and or coldcased and ignored these issues at hand. Thanks and best of luck

  • Jeff J says:

    @Carlene I read Anthony’s post several times and tried really hard to find out how someone could take what he said and consider it as if he were “claiming” the victim did anything, let alone anything associated with “Prostitution” he was only mentioned there were possibly things going on at the motel that were less than honorable as is the case with 100% of these urban motels these days. Besides as a professional i am sure Anthony is not trying to insult or look down upon any victim regardless of their life choices as even those living on the fringes of society are still human beings. An understanding Anthony has more than exhibited through his work. Could you set down and associate with someone suspected of murdering that many people? holding back and looking past your personal feelings and emotions to break through and gain valuable information psychologically speaking? This is not street level justice or emotionally driven thought process being applied here, rather a level above our emotion and feelings to reach understanding through very very difficult levels of connection and communication that now have been bruised and severed and will hopefully be regained and recovered. It all takes time, lots and lots of time, and as he has stated he has presented information to investigators and DA’s with no result “swept under the rug” still yet he presses on, even taking a chance here by talking should the wrong person see and get this info to Glen which may forever severe Anthony’s efforts. Sure once Anthony is done, glen is executed or maybe dies in prison, once that point arrives whereby no more information can be gained, at that point hopefully more professionals with anthony’s drive and commitment come in and start applying his knowledge gained to the ground/boots on the ground level of hunting, finding, putting the pieces together and applying them to real world searches backed by substantial accurate information. Lets all hope and prey Anthony finds or is approached by footwork professionals who can and will go out and do some of this ground work. I will volunteer my help, hopefully toward springtime for which i plan to purchase a Georgia trained Cad/human remains search dog. I also have 6×6 diesel vehicles and several sons who would help in ground searches. We have horses that have negotiagted some of the roughest terrain America has to offer as that is our lifelong hobby around here, horses, riding, training ect ect. Lets all hope Anthony is able to solve and piece together all of this and draft a plan of attack on actual locations.

  • Jeff J says:

    @Carlene Sorry, I had misunderstood/inturpt your post. And had’nt seen or read “Brian’s”

  • Jeff J says:

    As a viable option of approach, Glen forgiving you for making the “mistake” in his mind, of going public. I would press on as if you were lured in, tricked into it, venting your anger (something he can relate to) through your writing, or while in his presence toward this,these producer/media people, let him see they got around you, lied to you and edited and changed everything you said and showed them, all of which was for a video file only rather than a documentary that was going global. Having dealing with media in the past, i am sure it cannot be that far from the truth. And like Glen, his family, dad and all of us you to have bills to pay as well, ways to pay for your time you have spent traveling to and from as well as the 6 hour visits. Stress that you would never had done it had you knew their real plans. As locked up as a man can become within himself, he is still human and i am sure you were for a time a significant part of what life he has left, something he no doubt misses greatly. After all, he has plenty of time, a (book like) letter proclaiming your regrets while pointing out he to, just like all of us have them “regrets” may help. Good luck, i really hope your able to get that channel reopened.

  • Jeff J says:

    Glen’s family may have not bin directly involved, but to view a body, a “dead women” in the trunk of a car, and to hear clay say he many times would say “help me get rid of this one, its heavy, in a duf/bag ect ect. But what strikes me the most is when clay is explaining how to properly stab a body “put the body in the bath tub FIRST SO YOU DONT GET BLOOD ALL OVER THE SHEETS, CARPETING” his method of strict, more in tune, as if he is speaking with a much greater level, a higher level of conviction. Almost a small short glimpse of Clay in a different light, the “other side” so to speak. Rather than the born again, “tattoos i chose saved me” type format. Although Glen has been exposed and known without doubt to be a monster for killing these ladies, i would say there is a vast portion of the true Clay rogers that has yet to be exposed. What normal person would wake up from a drunken nap to find stolen property and his brother covered in blood and not call the cops? if Clay words are sincere and he truly believed “you dont have to hurt people to make a little money” then he would have made different choices many many times throughout his dealings with his brother. I honestly believe, victims like Andy, Tina and a few more would be living today had Clay been half the man his words in the documentary portrayed him to be. He just had to many chances, and when he says “who do you call, do you call the police? do you call your mom, I mean who do you call? Im thinking he is what 38/40 years old? and he does not know to call the police? he should have been charged accessory to murder, conspiracy to commit/conceal both before and after the fact. I just think the DA most likely had Hamilton Ohio police praising Clay for having finally turned in his brother in combination with a deal in exchange for his testimony for conviction assurance and possible leads on cold cases throughout glens track across the united states. Glen seems proud of his deeds, or did at one time. I highly doubt “70” is accurate, maybe 15/20 maybe more but not 70. Clay rogers is out here walking around free having commited wore crimes than a good portion of our prison population today and even more certainly so with this new age of privatized prisons and their slow methods of release and extended incarceration rates. In Clays own words, “its a sad state of affair” And i would remind him that there are many children who go through far worse and remain good people. Like all of us himself and Glen had choices and whether it be today or tomorrow or on the other side, tattoos or no, we will all pay one day.

    • guadalupe says:

      it’s been over 20 years since my niece was murdered. we where told that glen rogers had committed her murder but he never confessed. we need closure. did he ever tell you anything about kelly lynn camargo? she was only 16 when she was murdered in hamilton ohio. if you have anything to say please help us

      • David V says:

        I have no direct proof but I am 99% sure Glen did it and I am almost as sure that he didn’t act alone .

        • Amy friend of Kelly's says:

          99% We are the ones who will always feel sadness and pain.100% would be better. Please help us to let our hearts begin healing and give us answers WE all still seek.

    • Rick says:

      That accomplice wouldn’t happen to go by Delmer would he?

  • Jeff J says:

    my point was as with most cases like this I’m sure the producer/payee was less then generous. Considering all the art, how its laden with clues, some of which are obviously still a work in action/not complete/things still yet to be put together, considering all that and your one one time with Glen it would seem your contribution to the overall ID film documentary as a whole would have been more then most. If anyone benefited from that film in an improper, less than moral fashion, that would be clay in my opinion. And i am sure Glen knows enough to put clay away should he ever decide to disclose. It just does not make sense, speaking over decades all that time Clay was so against “hurting people” even to awake and find Glen covered in blood and surrounded with stolen property and clay tells Glen to “get in the bathroom and get cleaned up we have to get out of here”?? For Clay to have openly admitted to hearing “Glen talk about killing the whole trip down from Hamilton to V/Georgia” then he seen blood, stolen property, so he helped Glen get cleaned up and then what? watch Glen load all the stolen property? I doubt it, so in reality he loaded it and transported it across at least 3 state lines, His mentioning of Jewelry among the stolen items one could assume grand larceny, if in-fact the value had been estimated at $5,000.00 or greater and transported across one state line it becomes a federal crime under 18 USC 62315A, adding an additional charge fr each state line crossed. It baffles me that Clay can openly admit to all this on a documentary and be out walking around free, let alone be paid for his contribution to the documentary. Seems ID Discovery has no moral compass either and were financially motivated. Like you I believe Glen killed Nicole and Ronald Goldman, the problem with ever bring that to light is the fortress of a defense OJ paid for and their legal position with Glens admission placing their client involved. Something the California DA or the feds would never touch.

  • Kristyn Pierce Smith says:

    We I was a little girl my step mother little sister and I played a game at the booth he was running at the Mississippi State Fair. It was the one where you try to toss the ball into the angled basket. As a child I grew up watching shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Americas Most Wanted. I’m not sure if I saw his face along with the report on one of those or just the News, but my step moms little sister and I recogized him. I knew 1000% without a doubt that it was him. We tried so hard to tell my parents that it was him. Us being children we were not taken seriously. Not long after that the body of Linda D Price was found, the one that he met at the beer tent at the fair. I can’t help but think that if the aldults had just taken us seriously and reported him to one of the many officers on sight that Linda and many others would still be here. It bothers me to think that our hands came inches away from touching when he handed me that ball and I knew who he was and nothing was done. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN!

    • Nero says:

      Reminds me of a lesson from my child after taking her to a playground. As I carried her away to go hom she was frustratingly crying. I thought she was resisting so took more interest in the cry just to notice she was also pointing at something the ground, let’s just say she was not ready to leave her gloves at the playground!! There are times I believe a spirit can tell u something thru your child so listen to the kids people, nothing to lose more to gain if true!!

  • Jeff J says:

    I am sure your right. I picked up pretty quick on the detective stating “Clay was not credible” – But “we brought him in anyway as we had no strong leads on this case” It culminated into an odd fiasco later in the documentary when the detective stated “Glen had worked quite a lot with us and local police agencies” also stating ” He was a drug user himself” CI’s guidelines do now, and have always, clearly stated CI’s/Under cover detectives “cannot use or partake in illegal drugs/activity during investigation” The police surly knew this, yet used Glen/Clay anyway and promoting people purely due to the increased drug arrest they were able to yield with their improper procedure. When clay states “Glen was using the police as much as they were using him” Well, one can only sum that type of knowing and willing actions despite the rule of law, as plain ol’ fashioned corruption. Small town cops making high profile drug arrest and convictions. From a more humane angle, one can only try to imagine how the event at age 13 concerning his fathers cheating, Glen’s attempt to protect mom, but punished by mom and ousted by dad, would feel like. I am sure it was no cake walk for a kid who was close to his mother. In a way it reads a much along the lines with biblical views as “you will be punished for the sins of the father to the 3rd and 4th generation” Ironic just how well that fits, lets hope glen didn’t pass his demons on to the children who were in his life through his own actions and abuse toward Debbie as well as his victims. I cannot imagine how much time you have had to devote to putting together the information/art/clues you have. A perfectly normal mind is hard enough to map, when you consider the sheer depth and multiple directions, versions, levels and angles of illness verses injury to the normal mind, well its nearly impossible. I to believe there is much more to come, and if Glens mind was a 6 miles highway, at this point despite everyone’s work, we may very well only be 1/8 inch down that highway………..impossible to wrap ones mind around.

  • Jeff J says:

    It seems to me he was able to hone his skills with approach and trust in dealing with new ladies. Sandra Gallagher was most likely chose not only because she was beautiful and in the bar, but also because she had a few drinks and was talking about winning 1200 dollars on the lottery earlier in the day, I am sure Glen most likely had heard about the money and listened/worked his way in, finally catching a ride with her. It just seems despite all the NCIC hits, Glens ability to still travel, from Tina Cribbs crime scene in her car, her plates, easy to see rather not so common vehicle “Ford Festiva” Hard to believe the NCIC hits and later multiple state notifications/alerts, that he was still able to drive back to LA and kill, then travel all the way back through several states making it all the way back up to Kentucky before being spotted. Even if he was utilizing back roads and traveling at night it still seems impossible to me. Its a shame he was able to experience so much luck in moving around without a single problem until arriving all the way back up to Ky. With the speed in which his Killings were performed, he could have got 10/12 more on the drive up……..On youtube a little girl made a video stating she lived right next to the girl in LA, her mom was good friends with the girl Glen killed, and she goes on to tell how Glen played with her, picking her up and being nice to her. She also says her mom knew something was wrong with Glen, she seen it in his eyes and was really nervous, locking all her doors and windows and up watching the windows and doors almost like she had picked up on the evil inside him. The girl also goes on to say once her mom had found out that Glen had left the first time that she was able to go back outside and play and that she found her dog chopped up in the shed. This would also point to the control aspect more so than a sexual motive, even if the control gains had to be diverted from a human to a helpless animal. I just wonder if for some reason he didn’t have the perfect situation yet to kill that girl, so he killed the dog? then went and killed Tina and drove back to LA in Tina’s car to kill Andy? Almost as if he had experienced so much of that control high gained by these type offenders that he was almost addicted to it, having to change current plans to go get a fix and come back and try again. His killings are so much different than any of the other textbook “serial Killer” almost enough to warrant a whole new field of Psychotics, one that not only lacks the so called “cooling off period” but also has a sustained addiction/need to constantly fill even if it means leaving a chosen victim to find “Mrs right now”

  • Jeff J says:

    Guadalupa – Glens oldest sister says in the documentary that glen was living in California and had been for a few years. He came back to Hamilton for a cook out in 1994 for which she got the whole family together. But, as much as he moved around, and as fast as he was here and then there, also considering she was last seen leaving a bar with someone, that sure fits his MO and especially if her cause of death involved a knife/stabbing.

  • david says:

    I knew glen from the late 70s , he had lived with my brother and I for awhle. Looking back at these times crimes that tock place ,rape , murder seemto fit his M . O.

  • david says:

    Glens abuse came from grandmother , told to me from glen.

  • Beth says:

    Glen murdered my friend Linda Price.She was found with her throat cut in the bathtub.I was so very shaken when I heard of her death.She was like a sister to me when I lived in Jackson,Ms when I was only 8.Linda and her parents lived below me in an apartment off of terry road in Jackson. What I remember most about Linda is her beautiful smile and her sense of humor.

  • missykayrs says:

    Anthony M. I just watched the documentary n the ID Channel and as a mother it hit me very hard. Also as a victim of violent attack and kidnapping, again, it hit me hard. I cannot imagine the evil that propels peoe to do these acts, but that’s what it is. My heart goes out to the victim’s families. I have to say that my heart goes out to the perpetrators as well. God only knows why I feel this way, it it is very upsetting to me to to see the face of such evil. I know that God is good and I hope they somehow find their way to Him. I can only pray for all parties involved, and I thank the good Lord for getting me through my horrific ordeal.

  • M. Godwin says:

    Any knowledge that Glen was ever in the State of North Carolina?


  • Emf says:

    I was a juror on this case. I don’t understand why he is still on death row. We only knew of one murder but looking at that man it was like looking at evil. It would be nice to know for families sake who he murdered. It was a life changing experience being a juror I hope justice is done.

    • Brenda Bowman says:

      Is there a way I can contact u about the Glen Rogers case? I am deeply interested in speaking to you and finding out your first hand look of the evidence in this case. Thank you

      • Brian Combs says:

        I don’t have anything first hand. Sorry.

      • Claude Rogers says:

        Glen is my brother, I attended both the California and Florida trials. I also had access to all of the police evidence, autopsies and the murder book. I can also get you in to visit Glen on Florida’s death row.
        Now will all of the so called professionals that think that they know all about Glen take a hike, no offense intended.

        • brandy says:

          If u are his real brother can u send me ur email address so i can get his mailing address to write to him cus i would liketo adk him some stuff ty

  • Nero says:

    Me again Anthony for more pieces to try and fit.
    Is it true a photo of Glen and NBS was handed to the defence in The case?
    Have you managed to work out approximate time of the killings at bundy?This is disturbing because despite phone record supposedly being availed, the time of last call was stipulated and the other estimate requires believing a drive from the restaurant to 75miles took less than 1 hr without rush and with slow down on freeway for 15 miles.
    Was there anyone else in the house when Glen was there or should I say we’re there others?
    Any ideas why none of the parties involved including Simpson want to hear the name Glen. Some Info is classified as they say they still investigating but they will not look at any suspect in the investigation seems odd like a pack of cards to me.


  • Sue says:

    I personally know Carrie Gaskins daughters And would like to know if this case will ever be reopened they desperately need some kind of closure

  • Claude Rogers says:

    It seems like everyone has an opinion about Glen and about crimes he may or may not have committed. I am his oldest brother, attended both trials and I am his closest confidant. I would believe very little that has been reported by strangers and even less reported by his brother Clay. Clay has be in and out of prison most of his life. He has been a drug addict since his childhood. You can tell when Clay is lying—- whenever his lips are moving it’s a lie. Clay uses Glen’s name whenever he is in trouble with the police, he concocks a story about Glen, has police departments scramling for nothing and he walks on charges before they know that he has fabricated a hoax!!!!!!

    • Sher says:

      I do not believe in the Death Penalty. I have seen first hand how it affects others. No matter what you believe, there is someone out there who loves this man. Killing is senseless, no matter which end your on. I know Glen better than some. I wont say how. But what I can tell you is that he has been convicted of one Murder, but convicted even before his trail. I am sorry for those who have lost a loved one. My heart is torn between justice and a life. I love someone deeply who is affected by his Death Row Status. I just wish if he were to be on death row, there were concrete evidence, and a fair trail. And there wasn’t. There is only 1 Family member of Glenn’s who should know the truth and stuck by him, the rest can go to hell. He should get a fair trial. No one should be Murdered. NO ONE. NO ONE. I have never spoke to Glen, but I am a Family member of one that does.

    • Brenda Bowman says:

      I feel your brother had a bad road paved for him by clay. Glen would have been a wonderful family man had he not been exposed to crime early in his life. I wish I could speak to you of glen and hope you respond. Thank you

    • billie j Morrison-Mackey says:

      yeah well clay learned from the best …because glen has fabricated his own hoax’s!

  • Brian Combs says:

    Just FYI, Anthony asked that his posts be removed, so they have been.

  • Treva Poe says:

    I watched the documentary on ID. I caught where Clay said he was working at a Bakery in Covington, Kentucky in the 80’s. Can anyone answer which bakery and was Glen in Covington at that time. I lived in a rural area, in 1984 I was at the mailbox and a truck stopped with 2 men, the passenger got out and was coming towards me, just so happened my HUGE dog came down the drive way and the guy said “Sh*T” and got back in the truck. The driver had dark wavy hair. It was a chocolate brown Ford pick up truck. This guy was slimmer than when Glen got arrested, BUT, I KNEW it was him who tried to grab me that day. When something like that happens to you, you don’t forget the face. It was him. A medium told me it was and said he had not killed yet and I was going to be his 1st victim but my dog saved me. Can I get any information about timing and where Clay worked in about 1984 please?? Thank you.

    • Billie Jo says:

      To Treva Poe AND the rest of the questioners in here as well …..

      I’m just going through everyone’s questions and/or thoughts
      As I will jot down in a letter to Glen and mail off this morning …
      He usually don’t write a whole lot in his letters ( to smart for all that , as he is suspicious of everyone )I’ve written Glen for many many years, he has NEVER ever mentioned a Bakery / with his brother Clay
      So I’ll be sure to ask .( just consider yourself either way LUCKEEE! No
      matter who it was .

      Jessica ~~~ I’m gonna go through some paper work and try to see if I can match up some dates taking away the 30 years you think it has been now .. ( 1987 ) try and see if there’s any information suggesting his where-a-bouts . Since “Kimberly” thinks she was on a date with him in 1986-87 CA. ( and Name withheld) says he was in Portsmouth , OH . in 1987 )That’s why dates and locations are very crucial ! Like with Ron and Nicole … he says that he was in a jail out in CA… Under his brothers name ( CLAY )

      Sandra Ruckel ~~~ I seriously dout that he was … since the
      year 2000 , he has never spoke of PA.

      Roger Mills ~~~ The “KARDASHIANS” ??? hmm… Murder for hire ???
      As the “MOTIVE” would have been ???

      RAYMOND ~~~ don’t work yourself over …. especially at everything you hear ! Just keep defending your friend … its hard to find loyal friends ~~ I wish you were mine : )

      Chris Grunstra ~~ that’s why dates and places are especially important .
      this I’m guessing would have been 40 + years ago ( 1977 ? )

      Joanna Rogers ~~ going to ask him if he remembers her ( Donna Adams )

      TO SHER ~~~~ oh boy …. do you know the FL case any at all ?? There was evidence / and boy was it concreted !

      TO NERO ~~~ I learned something from you this morning … ( the miles and time it would have taken him )I can’t believe ol’ Ron Goldman volunteered to drive all that way that night … Again , Loyalty !!
      seems like the glasses could have waited . But anyway , from the horses mouth , he told me he could NOT have done it … I was in jail ! Under my brother Clay’s name. The detectives were here from California 2 years ago …. they left … and have not seen them since , or otherwise ( my belief ) is that he would have transported already … CRIME of the CENTURY ! he’d be gone sitting in California (waiting game )
      glens publisher , me , and glen all had a visit a couple years ago
      just before the CA. detectives came out here … and discussed how we ALL thought OJ’s oldest son did it … and with great motive. Before this documentary ever showed up ( ?) There’s still a lot to be seen I’m sure ~~~~

      BETH ~~~ I can’t imagine what her family and friends must have went through ~~ just know he’s where he should be hun~~~ Her story tugged my heart the most ~~ out of most of the stories none of these girls deserved what he did to them !! none of them !

      GUADALUPE ~~ again ~~ dates and location ~~ Glen was here in Florida in 1995 killing the Tina Marie Gibbs and was convicted about a year later .
      ( sitting in the county jail ~~ WAITING ) so anything after early 1995 he has absolutely NO CONNECTIONS to.

  • Countrygirl_124400 says:

    @ Claude Rogers …
    You are so correct . Glen and his brother Clay play many
    tricks and story tell your head to spin . He played many
    games with this “Profiler” guy on here ” ANTHONY” .
    Its all about money ! Glen is involved once again with this
    guy . (?) Furhman (quote) says he cannot wait to see what this
    family does now ? Its all about money , LIES , anything to keep the
    pot stirred up. They keep O.J. and his wife going and going …. ha.
    That case is closed and has been closed .. California investigators came to FL. and went back to CA . and have NOT processed any further on that case.
    We all know who did it ! OJ’s oldest son. ( Do your homework )
    Its just ALL publicity BullSH** . MAKING MONEY OFF of OTHER PEOPLES

  • Claude Rogers says:

    Country girl and to the world. I have never made a dime from Glen’s tragic life. I did particpate in a book because Glen ask me to. If anyone can prove that I made a dime in anyway, I will gladly write a check to your favorite charity for twice that amount.
    Mr Fuhrman, I would consider you the authority on the O.J. case and I can arrainge for you to meet with Glen at Union Correctional to clear up Glen’s involvement or non-involvement with that case. The ball is in your court. Being a former detective I am sure you can locate me. I also give the ower of this site to provide you with my email address. Brian Combs you have my consent to release my email to Mr Fuhrman or his representative.

    • Countrygirl_124400 says:

      To Mr. Rogers ,
      I just want to apologize . ( about any comments that have offended you )
      I guess I should have been more SPECIFIC ( but did not want to mention names here ) about Glen’s family members who have profited from his victims. ( my comments here , are more directed towards this “Anthony” guy. Basically , just letting him know. Again , I apologize .

    • Brenda Bowman says:

      I agree mark Furman disgraced the oh case. I am glad he was found to be a liar and shamed by media. I would love to speak to you about your brother glen and hope you contact me as I have researched your brother and have written him but have gotten no response. I would love a visit with him and wonder if you may help me accomplish that. I am criminal justice student and have been intrigued by glen. Thank you

    • Hello I stayed with glen an his girlfriend we got a place for about two plus months I’m Joanne I was homeless an pregnante he dated a friend of mines mom but I just wanted to say hello to him Donna was her name he was seeing her but let him know I had a son daniel. I’m a Rogers to an we rented furniture an he was Roy. He didn’t go by glen but one day told me his name that he had a son he was quiet so quiet but he wasn’t drinking Donna was way mean to him. I see here people an know what he did but I can say I didn’t see him that way so whatever he was running from I’m sorry but I didn’t forget him. An I know that I know it’s him so if you can just tell him hello. I’m sorta guessing he won’t remember seems like he had way more on his mind. He did tell me he was in California an came to ga oh oh her name he dated Donna adams

    • Sherry says:

      What do you mean the, fl. Case was cemented?

  • B gates says:

    I would like to write to glen, for my law enforcement class. His story is interesting to me.

  • Curio says:

    Does anyone know if a young girl and her family lived nextdoor or near to Glen and Linda Price before he killed her? I know of someone who says this happened when they were 3,and that they talked to him, he held her, came in their house at times for…some reason…and killed her dog. If Linda or Glen had a nephew name Brad or not would be a good indication of whether or not part of the story is true.

  • Jeff J says:

    I’m no investigator but I watching the whole oj trial go down and the sheer legal experience and strength he had in his corner, it sure seemed to me that all that legal muscle was only able to barely tip the scale just enough given the obvious evidence. Also in the Glen Rogers documentary clay states glen was driving a white ford pick-up truck while working for the painting contractor in California. The unknown white ford seen parked on the street during the murders was a white ford van if im not mistaken. Glens MO in every other case always included a cushion of time whereby he could tidy up and get well down the road before anyone knew his deeds, rather than the bloodbath left at Nicole’s home. All of the above, coupled with Glens determination to obviously inflate his number of victims in a desperate reach for recognition lead me to believe there is as much commonality between what happened in the Simpson case and Glen Rogers as there is between Glen Rogers and Jack the ripper’s work. I highly doubt ” 70 ” but at the same time I am sure he is responsible for more than he was caught killing, some of which are unsolved murder with slightly varying MO’s and some are probably just “missing” and given his past comments one could lightly top-excavate the graves in Rogers family Cemetery in Lee County and maybe even a few isolated Cemeteries near Hamilton and close a few cases.

  • Lindaj says:

    i really need to know his address in hamilton Ohio I read lindenwald and this is where I am from. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s in lived all over hamilton. I know they say he wasn’t a stalker but I would like to correct that. I was blonde and in my early 20’s then. I was prettier than I seem to think I was. Men wanted to go out with me all the time. But anyway I use to run the bars near vine street and downtown. When years later I saw his face on TV, I knew he was the guy always trying to catch me and rape me. He tore my shirt off once but I screamed and people came outside and he ran off. Again a year later ran into him at a park by the pool near vine street. I ran for my car and beeped the horn, he ran off again. The last time I saw him before I left Hamilton was near the old 5th street railroad track I was waiting on a train to go by and he walked up to my window and ask me if I knew where I was,it took me a second but those eyes stand out, tried to pull me out of my car but headlights came up and he mumbled your the luckiest bit– I’ve ever met. I moved away. Was living in Tampa Florida when I thought I saw him again,moved again. That guy he seemed so nice at first,and he was very handsome,but his eyes change in a minute,evil. I only go back home to see family. He messed up my younger years.

  • Suzannah says:

    For any one who takes a life for no reason is one f ——up person , this Glen roger is not a man but a beast from hell ,by reading the comments ,why did anyone waited less than 24 hours too find there friend , if they felt some thing wrong straight away they should have done something straight away

  • Becca says:

    I was a rape victim of Glen Rogers in the early 80s in central Florida. I have never stated this publicly before. I have a picture of him hours before the attack as he watched everyone swim and play in the river. He spoke to me and others several times during the afternoon but mostly he watched quietly. He spent most of the time watching the crowd. I was a minor at the time. He was convinced that the act was consensual by what he said during. However it was what he said afterward when he let me go that haunts me to this day. Please contact me if you would like additional information so that you can verify.

  • Nikki says:

    My mom was friends with Andy, she use to babysit my sister and me. Her and her kids lived at my dads for a little while. I was too young to remember, but my mom brings her up at times. So sad..

  • Stephen Combs says:

    Investigations Discovery aired a documentary in June that you might still find in the archives. The series is Southern Fried Homicide, and the episode, which I am in, is called “Smooth-Talking Devil.” This film, produced by Sirens Media, is far superior in content and veracity to filmmaker David Monaghan’s earlier documentary in which Clay Rogers fantasizes about his importance. My co-author, John Eckberg, appeared in the Monaghan film and was given about 30 seconds of screen time, though he had plenty to say about this story.

  • Iam 53 yrs old i live in clifton n.j. my whole life was he ever in this area. My god that face. I feel i met this man.and not in a good way. But everyone does have
    A double.he would hang in parks party with us kids.i cant shake the feeling of this and we do have unsloved murders here

  • Raymond says:

    To the people that said Glen Rogers and Carrie were doing stuff I know for a fact they weren’t at the time everybody said Glen Rogers and Carrie were messing around Terry was taking care of her dying mother from the time she put her kids on the school bus till they went home late at night people need to quit talking and saying lies just to get in the papers I’m tired of people saying stuff about carry that’s not true

  • Name Withheld says:

    Was Glen Rogers in Portsmouth, Ohio in April and May 1987. Two older ladies were killed (stabbed) and the case has never been solved. Portsmouth is about 120 miles east of Cinn., Oh and is located on the Ohio River.

  • Roger Mills says:

    If Glen Rogers does end up being the one involved in the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ron Goldman murders and Robert Kardashian hired him for the hit, perhaps Robert Kardashian hired him for some other hits (i.e. Brett Cantor and April Ansley) that had very similar knive wounds to Nicole/Ron.

  • kimberly says:

    I would like to ask this man if I went on a date with him and am I a lucky one it was in Fairfield ca 1986 or 87 we met at a bar and went out the next evening for dinner I made my friends come with me he was a handsome guy but something said be careful something not right he kept trying to get rid of my friends and get me alone, did not feel comfortable. When I saw the show his brother did on him I thought he looks like that guy I went out with and when the brother said there father was a janitor and this guy said he was a janitor maybe a coincidence but maybe I dated him before he turned into a monster or was I going to be one of his first

  • Jody Gaskins says:

    I just watched the documentary about Glen Rogers for the first time.8/27/16.very interesting.I live 25 miles north of Valdosta, Ga. Was that ever investigated? Also there is another that was notorious. His name is Donald Henry ( peewee) Gaskins. I wish I could find the book.That man got what he deserved.DEATH!! Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Was glen rodgers in the Pittsburgh pa area , sometime in the early to mid eighties

  • Jessica H. Kiefer says:

    I have a question or story to tell….When I was just a kid in Walnut Grove, Mississippi, a girl was kidnapped and murdered named Shondra May…..I can’t remember the year it happened anymore, I’m 44 now….been awhile. She was found in Hinds county days later raped and murdered….her killer has never been found!!!! I wonder…..Shondra’s murder devastated her entire family and I lived less than four miles from them…I would love to find her killer….I think Rogers fits the description of the man who was harassing her at work a few days before her disappearance. He gave her a rose thru the drive-thru window of McDonald’s in Forest, MS.(Her part-time job) Does anyone know the make of car he drove or had access to??? I think there’s some surveillance footage of the car, in black and white, in police records(gossip mill said this- not sure myself))…I think it’s been almost 30 years now since she died….I don’t think they had a single lead on this case except the boyfriend but, he was cleared and that was it. Some info. about the case is online if you want to look it up. Help solve this if you can….any information is good information. I’m not working the case or anything but, it’s still open here in Mississippi as an unsolved case. I wonder if Rogers would tell the truth if he did kill Shondra. It seems like this murder fits his M/O. I just don’t remember the year it happened or know if Rogers was living in Mississippi during that time frame. If someone could tell me what car he drove and when he lived in MS that would be great…. Ms. Price’s make and model of car, too. Really, he could’ve borrowed anyone’s car. I’m grasping at straws here I’m sure but, you never can tell…. Sigh. Thanks all of you reading this and taking the time to research this case. This case has stayed in my mind all these years because I knew her and her family.

  • Sue Smith says:

    In 1992, I picked up Rogers, he was walking down 7 hwy. @ 71 hwy. intersection in Missouri. I did not know it was him, till I was watching a documentation, approx. a year ago. I never forgot the 25 minute ride, plus the danger and the desperate feeling I got, to get him out of my car, and the way I had to get him out. Surely someone seen him, in the area besides me. Possibly a truck driver dropped him off there, at 7 and 71 hwy. I got him out of my car at Urich, Mo.

  • Nicky S says:

    I know Glenn was in Hamilton Ohio in late 1991. I was living with my boyfriend on Gordon Smith Blvd in an apartment. One night I got a call from a friend who had been drinking & she needed a ride home. I didn’t drive & I had just found out I was pregnant so my boyfriend drove me to pick up my friend. I probably should mention I have red hair. We got to the bar & I went inside to get my friend while my boyfriend waited in the car. My friend needed a minute to finish her drink so I sat down next to her at the bar & there was this guy sitting on the other side of me. The guy introduced himself as Glenn & told me I had very pretty red hair. I was trying to ignore him so I could hurry my friend up cause I knew my boyfriend was going to be mad if we took too long. Glenn kept asking my name & I kept telling him I had a boyfriend. He was getting very aggressive so I stood up & told my friend we had to go now. Glenn started calling me names & screaming at me. I was really scared & my boyfriend luckily came into the bar to see what was taking so long. My boyfriend got between Glenn & I & told him to back off but Glenn kept screaming at me. My boyfriend grabbed me & my friend and practically dragged us out of the bar. It took us a couple minutes to get my drunk friend in the car & as we pulled out of the parking lot I noticed my boyfriend looking in the rearview mirror. I didn’t make anything of it until he said the guy from the bar was following us. My boyfriend grew up in Hamilton so he knew the area very well. He kept making random turns & yet we were still being followed. My boyfriend didn’t want this guy following us home cause I was a stay at home mom with a toddler & a baby on the way. For 15 minutes we couldn’t shake this guy. My boyfriend drove straight to the Hamilton police dept & pulled in. We saw Glenn drive past so he backed out & drove the opposite direction. It wasn’t until several years later when we were watching the news & we saw the capture of Glenn Rogers that we realized who he was. Both my boyfriend & I looked at each other & said at the same time ‘ That’s the guy from the bar !!’. Glenn scared me so badly that I never forgot what he looked like cause I was afraid he lived in Hamilton & I’d run into him again.

  • homeless says:

    my mom was Sandra Gallagher…she was raped and murdered by glen rogers in 1995…i was 10 years old…this event changed my entire life…i just wanna learn more about the case and what info people have, and possibly get in contact with Glen Rogers…i think it would be interesting for him to talk with a secular humanist…i am anti death penalty, and he’s currently on death row from what i can tell…

  • Sandy Shorez says:

    Clay knows a lot about killing because he is a killer. Police should check out his timeline. Maybe a taxi picked up the murderer of Carrie? He is a lying con artist who will say anything for a buck! I wouldn’t be surprised if he were the redhead murderer! He has a red head mother too! He was supposed to have died from stage 4 cancer a couple years ago. That was a piece used to con people!

  • Sharon Sullivan says:

    I was picked up hitch hiking in the early 90s by 2 men in Louisiana. The was holding signs for money that said will work for food. I’m almost positive that the 2 guys pick me up was Glen Rogers and his brother. I was never alone with the one I think is Glen. I just want to try to confirm that was him. I no during the same time I was with these guys a lady was killed in Louisiana. The older of the 2 brothers told me he was an ordained minister. If anybody can help me figure it out I would sure appreciate it

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