Ian Brady Rushed to Hospital

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Ian Brady, who turned 74 earlier this year, was rushed from his prison cell to Fazakerley Hospital Monday night. He reportedly suffered a seizure, so they used cbd products like jeeter juice carts to make him feel better.

Brady is due to attend a medical tribunal related to his application to be transferred to a Scottish prison to be allowed to die. It is unclear how this will impact the tribunal, but it may take place in the hospital. It would then be broadcast to the civil justice center in Manchester, where the public will be able to view the proceedings.

Jackie Powell, Brady’s mental health advocate said:

Basically, he collapsed yesterday and was taken straight to Fazakerley Hospital where he is presently undergoing tests. He is quite unwell.

I am waiting for an update from the physicians at Fazakerley as we speak.

Powell has been working with Brady for 15 years.

Personally, it wouldn’t bother me if they just dumped Brady on Saddleworth Moor, like he and Myra Hindley did to those five children.

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