Jeffrey Paul Cutlip Admits to Four Murders

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Jeffrey Paul Cutlip, a registered sex offended, has confessed to four murders in Oregon in the 1970’s. Police have released details on two of the cold cases.

Marlene Claire Carlson, 44, was found dead in her apartment in August 1975. She had been strangled.

Julie Marie Bennett disappeared in April 1977. She was found face down in Johnson Creek.

Cutlip, a Brownsville, Texas resident, called Texas police over the weekend of July 21st to confess. He claims to have confessed due to overwhelming feelings of guilt.

He appeared before a municipal judge in Brownsville on Tuesday, July 24. He is being held without bail pending extradition to Oregon.


  • Stanton J. Doll-Hyrniak says:

    Im so happy that they have found the killer. For over 20 years i have been waiting tell this day. I can finally put this too rest and my mother which was one of his victims, she can rest in peace. I hope they serve the right justice to this case.. I would like to think all the homicide investigators and the detectives for doing there part to find this guy. Justice will be served. My regards to all the other families that lost someone that they love, by this Creep.

    Stanton J. Doll-Hyrniak

  • Virginia Rush says:

    He was my ex husband and father of a daughter. I am horrified at how he could have been so EVIL.
    I am so sorry to the family’s of the victims. I hope he gets the justice he deserves. In Hell.

    • Loleta carpenter says:

      Miss. Russ:

      Thank you the time in writing , I hope you and your daughter have a long and wonderful life together. I hope this did not bring up bad memories for you as it did our family. If you ever would like to email me you may. I was the sister of Nilene Lorbell Doll.

      Maybe we can be come friends through face book or just emails. You had to be a strong hearted, wonderful person . I hope you the best in your life forward

  • Loleta carpenter says:

    I have been following this since 2013, and I’m glad this bastard gets what is coming to him. Our sister Nilene was a wonderful and beautiful ladies who loved her four son deeply.Her family from the mother to the youngest child lost her love she was not there to tell her sons she loved them ,she never got to enjoy there birthdays, christmas,vacation. Was not there to kiss there tears away when they fell and got hurt. He took from us a loving sister,we lost the chance to sit and talk ,laugh at each other cry with and for each other.
    He wants to give use closures ,well all it did was to bring the hurt back the pain we had put to rest.he wants forgiveness
    Not in my life time and I hope that every time he closes his eye to sleep, he see them and feels the pain they did. And when he died I hope satin will be there to take him tot the deepest darkness depths of hell and he’ll burn enterally.

  • Loleta carpenter says:

    Well today is the day January all the family connect. For his final sentencing , I wish each any every one of them the best and may god be with them. My sister and I will be there,but to me it just brought the hurt and lost back of one wonderful and beautiful lady we all loved dearly.

    This is a time for closure, but to me it’s a time to remember all the wonderful thing she did,all the laughs we had as childern.

    Forgiveness is not for me,maybe others.he will never be forgiven . He took a part of me what can’t be replaced and left emptiness. May god be with you all.

  • Richard Recker says:

    Mr. Cutlip confessed to four killings. I am certain he – as many older criminals in the Texas penitentiary system are wont to do – chose this time to confess because of Oregon’s superior medical care of inmates. Guilty conscience? Perhaps. If that is so, then let’s ask that he outline ALL of his previous crimes to which he had not been previously convicted or connected to. There are other families of the missing and victimized women out there who have no peace yet because of his narcissistic and sinister soul – if he has one at all.

    Ms. Rush – Thank you for your message. Do you have pictures of Mr. Cutlip from the 1970’s that you could either share publicly or with Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office? I know another possible victim who may not be able to ID him because the public photo’s are all from recent times. If you share with the DA’s office, I can connect with them to explore this further.

  • Richard Recker says:

    Any and All:

    My family lived in Milwaukie, Oregon during the 70’s and my sister was attacked in a similar m/o to Mr. Cutlip’s crimes. Her attacker was never identified or captured.

    We are working with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office to determine if either Mr. Cutlip remembers or is willing to cooperate in making this determination. There is no further criminal action planned, but it would certainly be an important place of closure for her if more could be learned.

    Does anyone following this thread have access to photo’s of Jeffrey Cutlip from an era closer to or including the late ’70s that my sister can review? If you are not comfortable sharing with me directly, I can provide the appropriate contact information for the County District Attorney and they can help.

    Please know that my sister’s attack occurred in ‘Milwaukie’ Oregon and the records from that era have been lost. The convictions of Mr. Cutlip in the other Milwaukie Case were only prosecuted because Cutlip confessed. We could really use some help.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Rich Recker

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