Joel Rifkin Unimpressed by Long Island Serial Killer

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The New York Daily News reports that Joel Rifkin is dismissive of the sloppy tactics of the Long Island serial killer. Specifically, he says the the unsub should never have left all the bodies in a single place.

I dumped them hundreds of miles apart.

he proudly declared.

Using “clusters” for dumping bodies is actually fairly common. Ted Bundy, who we certainly a very effective serial killer, used them.

So did Gary Ridgway, the so called Green River Killer. He would use a cluster until it was discovered, then he would move on to a new one. Ridgway evaded capture for nearly two decades.

Rifkin also took his hand at profiling, suggesting the unsub was a white man aged 18 to 45.

Well, that should help investigators to narrow things down.

Rifkin also said:

America breeds serial killers. You don’t see any from Europe.

Hey, Joel. Harold Shipman, Erzsébet Báthory, Dr. Marcel Petiot, Fritz Haarmann, Donato Bilancia and Waltraud Wagner are all calling to talk to you.

Sometimes I miss Ted Bundy. His comments were much more insightful.

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