Some of the Grim Sleeper Photos Identified

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Since releasing photos of 180 women found with Lonnie David Franklin Jr. (aka The Grim Sleeper), police have identified 20 people based upon calls and emails from friends, family, and co-workers.

Franklin is accused of killing ten women and one man between 1985 and 2007. He was arrested on July 8th.

All twenty of the women identified are alive or have since died of natural causes. Police have also been able to eliminate nine other photos. One was of a known victim, and eight were duplicates.

Said the LAPD in a statement:

We are grateful for the public’s continued response to the release of the image. It is our fervent hope that with this response, coupled with the tireless efforts of our detectives, the women depicted in these images will be identified.

Some of the original photos were sexually explicit, so they were cropped as headshots. Some of the women appear to be sleeping.

Franklin is believed to have raped his alleged victims, either before or after he killed them.

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