Loren Herzog to be Freed in California

on September 13, 2010 in Serial Killers by

Loren Herzog

In the next few days, convicted serial killer Loren Herzog will be released from prison. Herzog has been in prison since his arrest in 1999 with Wesley Shermantine.

While Shermantine is on California’s Death Row, Herzog had his three first-degree murder convictions placed in doubt when the California Court of Appeal threw out his videotaped confession for being coerced. Without the confession, the best the prosecutors could do was to plead Herzog down to voluntary manslaughter for one of the killings.

According to the Georgia Criminal Appeal Attorney, a 78-year prison sentence became 14 years. With time off for good behavior, the California prison system has no more ability to hold him.

Shermantine and Herzog lured Cyndi Vanderheiden to a cemetery with the promise of methamphetamine in 1998. Herzog claimed he hid in the back seat of the car while Shermantine attacked Vanderheiden. While he admits helping load the body in the trunk, he says he doesn’t know what Shermantine did after that. Vanderheiden’s body has still not been found.

Shermantine has boasted of killing 19 people.


  • Theresa Urton says:

    Now this is some MAJOR bullshit right here! Convicted murderers getting off the hook for good behavior or parole?! Does nobody realize that he was picked off the streets for a bulletproof reason? That no one is safe while this creep roams free. I guarantee if you cut this asshole loose, you won’t catch him again. Think about that poor little girl his partner murdered. Think about how her parents must have suffered. Don’t bring that fear onto other people, keep this jerk off locked up with his sick partner.

    • Brian Combs says:

      Ummm… Yeah…

      So, he didn’t get off for good behavior. He got a reduced sentence because his confession was coerced. I agree that sucks, but I blame the investigators.

      And, after he served his sentence, he was let loose, but couldn’t ever find anywhere to live, So he lived in a trailer outside his former prison. No other community would have him.

      A few weeks ago, he committed suicide. His parole officer noticed the battery on his ankle monitor was running low, and couldn’t get him on the phone, so sent someone to check on him.

      He had hung himself.

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