Kensington Strangler Suspect in Custody

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Monday evening, the police in Philadelphia held a press conference to name Antonio Rodriguez as a suspect in the Kensington Strangler series of murders. They said there was a possible NDA match between Rodriguez and the three victims killed.

During the press conference, someone called into the police with Rodriguez’s location. He was arrested twenty minutes later.

At this point, both local and national press ran with the story that the Kensington Strangler had been captured. The Philadelphia police held a second press conference and revealed that Rodriguez is actually not yet under arrest, but is in custody as his DNA is tested. That process will take at least 24 hours, depending upon how backed up the lab is.

Rodriguez was identified via a Pennsylvania state police DNA database. As a convicted felon, he was required to submit a DNA sample when he was released from jail this summer. The sample has been waiting to be uploaded since October 25, due to a backlog.

Had the DNA been uploaded immediately, Rodriguez might have been identified before the third victim was killed.

Rodriguez was already being sought on a bench warrant from a missed court appearance in an unrelated case.

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