Christopher Wilder Victim Identified

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The unidentified body of a 15-year-old girl, suspected to be a victim of Christopher Wilder, has been identified after almost three decades. DNA confirmed that they are the remains of Colleen Orsborn, who disappeared from Daytona Beach on March 15, 1984.

Wilder was in town the day she disappeared.

The remains were previously ruled not do by Orsborn based upon physical exam, but DNA established otherwise.

Wilder died on April 13, 1984 during a struggle with police.


  • pam says:

    He tried to get me in utah but didnt succeed. Guess I was lucky and Im glad he’s dead.

    • shane says:

      What year was this Pam? ‘m trying to establish ilder here in wny in July 1983-
      I threw away his business card he gave me. e didn’t visit eth Kenyon’s family or the store-they told me that-when i met him July 1st, 1983.
      it’s my friend and my word-that he was there-all around the time Shari Lynne Ball went missing from Florida…end of June 1983. I KNOW Wilder murdered her-and dumped her body in the Iroquois Nature Preserve swamp. e liked those areas-for dumping his victims-decay would set in fast-destroying dna/evidence.

  • FBI man, says:


    • shane sia says:

      almost became Wilder’s victim-had i not turned him down for a modeling portfolio on July 1st, 1983. I suspect him to be the murderer of Shari Lynne Ball-who calimed she was going with a man from Boynton Beach, l-to NY to be a model that same wek before i met him. She was found murdered months later in a swamp near me.
      Duncan cab-a former ice detective from Austrailia recently put out a book on Wilder-called “The Snapshot own encounter is included in his book. What i didn’t realize until der went on his rampage in March 1984-that usually-Wilder would later stalk, abduct and kill women who turned him down! That really unnerved me-
      But-i want to ask this-when Wilder was on his rampage and coming up through wny area-through to Rochester-why was the FBI doing surveillance on someone in Buffalo, ny? I heard-this person was a friend of Wilder’s-and FBI thought Wilder may stop there on his way through on his killing spree? I know why Wilder went to New Hampshire-his former live-in significant other lived there.
      WHO else would’ve killed Shari Lynne ll-and brought her up to the very area where Elizabeth Kenyon’s family lived? We had a Watkins Glen raceway in Watkins Glen, which also may have been a destination Wilder went to-in our 1983 meeting..when Shari disappeared.

  • shane kurz sia says:

    My name is shane kurz sia. I met Wilder in Lockport, ny in summer of 1983. My girlfriend and i had decided to put on a yard sale at my house which was in town proper. A lot of people were having yard sales on our street and in town-so it looked like a good time. Wilder pulled up in his car, got out and casually walked up to us and started chatting. He gave us almost immediately his business card-that said he was a professional photographer-did modeling portfolios for aspiring models. He was very nice, charming and even went back to his car to get his album of models(woen) he said he’d done. I recognized Elizabeth Kenyon-and he told us who she was. He said he was her friend and a friend of the family and had gone to the Kenyon’s Store to visit that day-the store was just a block away from me. Everyone in town knew the Kenyon family-really nice family-they had a summer home in Lockport. Anyway-in 1983 of course, Wilder was not “known’ to the average person and even the kenyon family liked and trusted him. We declined his offer to do a portfolio for us, and he was cool about that. he seemed to be interested in a nearby yard sale that was selling cameras-and went on his way. it was about 10 months later he went on his killing spre. Imagine our shocj when it hit the news and we saw who we had talked to(for about 20 min.!), and how we had escaped being a potential possible victim of his!
    On April 28th, 2014, we had breaking news here in WNY about the ID of a girl’s body that had been found in Oct. 1983. They figure she had been dead since July 1983. Found her in a wildlife preserve not far from where i live now. For 31 years she went as a Jane Doe-now DNA database id’d her a sShari Lynne Ball of West Palm Beach, Florida-who’d disappeared with a man in Boynton beach Florida in 1983-who was taking her to NY for a modeling job! I immediately suspected Christopher Wilder! It all fir his MO!
    Now, fast forward. I contacted NYS Police in batavia, ny who are handling this cold case of Shari Lynne Ball-and they interviewed me and my friend about our encounter with Christopher Wilder in summer of 1983. Sadly, we could not give the detective an exact date we aw him at our yard sale but think it was definitely in the summer.
    Now, we are working hard to conect Wilder to Shari Lynne Ball and her leaving Florida-and his leaving Florida, at the same time! Tough though, 31 years have passed and anyone alive who may have seen the two together on their way up to wny-are no longer around and some not alive!
    Eliabeth Kenyon’s body was never found. I’ve read about Wilder putting a lot of his victims in canals/water reas-where they would decompose quicker-likely. Wilder lived near a canal at his home in Boynton beach. Fl. Likely, he put many, including Elizabeth Kenyon’s body-in that canal area. Police did find bones in and around his property-but none id’d as Kenyon.
    So sad. Anyway-i’m trying my best to help State Police just do one thing: Connect Wilder with Shari Lynne Ball.! So close but so far away!
    I have a Facebook page: Who killed Shari Lynne Ball. My hopes are the many women out there like me who met Wilder and had narrow escapes and close calls like i did-may be of help. Can place him in a certain area around the time of Shari Lynne Ball’s disappearance.
    Thanks for listening-and visit my FB page!

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