Does a “Luminol Negative” Prove Ottis Toole killed Adam Walsh?

on February 12, 2011 in Law Enforcement by

A new book claims to have definitive proof that Adam Walsh, the son of John Walsh, was killed by Ottis Toole. Bringing Adam Home: The Abduction That Changed America, written by former Miami Beach Police Detective Joe Matthews, has the “proof”.

When Toole was arrested in 1983, his car was searched and Luminol was sprayed in it. Luminol reacts with a blue glow when it encounters metal, including the iron in blood.

Matthews claims that a picture of a blue glow is an etching made in blood by Adam’s face. You can see the photo in the video trailer for the book.

Imagine a blue Shroud-of-Turin-type image, and you’ll be picturing it correctly.

Could it be an image of Adam? Perhaps, but I’m far from convinced.

Personally, I like Jeffrey Dahmer for the crime. He was in South Florida at the time, and two witnesses place him at the mall where Adam was abducted.

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