TV Habits and Your Fear of Crime

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Medical News Today has an interesting article on What Your TV Habits Say About Your Fear of Crime.

According to the study results, those who tend to watch non-fiction crime documentaries such as “The First 48” are more likely to be afraid of becoming a crime victim. They are also less confident in, and supportive of, the criminal justice system. They usually believed that the national crime rate is climbing.

Those who watch fiction crime dramas such as “Law & Order” and “CSI” didn’t tend to believe they would become crime victims, nor was their confidence in the criminal justice system impacted. They did tend to be more in support of the death penalty, however.

Those who watch crime coverage on the local news tended to believe that the local crime rate is increasing.

So, I’m an addict of the crime fiction shows (especially “Criminal Minds”), and don’t watch much true crime TV (except the occasional A&E Biography or an episode of “The First 48” with Mrs. SK Podcast), but I only read true crime books. I have no interest in mystery or murder fiction.

What the heck does that say about me?

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