Episode 017: Kenneth Allen McDuff, Part 1

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December 1991

28-year-old Colleen Reed, an accountant for the Lower Colorado River Authority, is feeling a bit under the weather, but has a very busy weekend. It’s Saturday, and she works a bit, then watches a video and spends the night with her friend, Oliver.

Early the next morning, Sunday the 29th, she goes into work to man the flood-relief phones. She meets Oliver at Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church for the 12:15 Mass, and then they have lunch at Trudy’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Oak Hill, a suburb southwest of Austin.

Colleen goes to her own home for a much needed nap that afternoon, and accidentally sleeps until 7pm, when Oliver calls to check on her. She’s annoyed, because she still has a lot to do.

She goes to the ATM to deposit $200 in Christmas cash from her father, as she is nearly overdrawn. And then does some grocery shopping at Whole Foods.

At about 9:10pm, she finally pulls into the self-service car wash at Powell and West 5th Street near downtown Austin. Her Miata really needs a cleaning.

It’s a nice part of town, a mixture of old homes, stand-alone offices, and eclectic shops and restaurants like El Arroyo. The car wash itself, however, is a bit run-down. It seems to be made of every building material imaginable: brown brick, blue metal, and white cinderblock. The concrete driveway is a patchwork of different colors, and the property is lined with huge oak trees.

Colleen drives into the third stall, gets out, puts money in the machine, and starts using the sprayer and brush to clean her car.

Suddenly, a man walks around the corner into her stall. At six feet, four inches, and over 250 pounds, he towers over Colleen.

She manages to get out one scream before the man’s huge mitt closes around her windpipe. He grabs her by the throat and lifts her off her feet, holding both her hands still with his other hand. Colleen kicks like hell and struggles to get out cries for help. The man carries her to another stall, where a second man is waiting with a tan Thunderbird.

“Not me, not me,” Colleen pleads.

“You’re going with me,” the first man says coldly.

“Please let me go, please don’t let this happen to me,” Colleen continues.

The man throws her into the back seat of the Thunderbird, and orders the second man to “Get his ass in the car.” The second man climbs into the back seat and holds Colleen down. The first man gets into the driver’s seat, and they all drive off.

Colleen’s remains were not found for almost seven years.

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Bad Boy: The True Story of Kenneth Allen McDuff, the Most Notorious Serial Killer in Texas History by Gary M. Lavergne
Free to Kill by Gary Cartwright in the August 1992 Texas Monthly

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