Fred West’s Brother to Publish Book

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Doug West, the brother of Fred West, plans to write a book about Fred and Rose West. The 64-year-old farm worker said:

Hardly any of the stuff you read about them in other books is right, which really annoys me. They are full of inaccuracies and get so much wrong.

A book of my own would be a good opportunity to put the record straight.

Nobody knew Fred and Rose like I did. Nobody spent as much time with them over the years outside of their family.

Fred was never actually tried in court, was he? The evidence was never pored over in detail and I’d like the opportunity to do that. But a book is something I’d have to have complete control over, to make sure it was my story, in my words and that my family were not put through any more hurt.

They have had more than enough of that over the years and so have I.

Fred West committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial.

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