Scott Kimball Confesses to Being a Serial Killer

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Previously, convicted serial killer Scott Kimball had admitted to taking part in four murders, but had denied being the actual killer. In a letter obtained by 9News, he confesses to his family that he killed three women in 2003 and his uncle in 2004.

The entire letter is 147 pages long, but 9News acquired the first two and one half pages. In it, Kimball says:

This confession is not offered to solicit sympathy, compassion or understanding from any of you. It is HOWEVER about truth and justice. It is also to lift a very heavy and uncomfortable load off my shoulders. “It is to ease the wondering, the not knowing.

He also attempts to explain the reasons behind his actions:

Leann was a threat to me. Jennifer became a threat to me as well. Terry became a threat to me and he crossed the line and I lost my temper with him. Kaysi was young and confused and I provided her with money and gifts so I could maintain a very inappropriate affair with her. I gave Kaysi the money to buy the drugs that killed her.

According to Ed Coet, Kimball’s cousin, Kimball is willing to be interviewed with the FBI. That should lead to a better understanding of Kimball and his crimes.

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