Details on Daytona Beach Serial Killer

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A serial killer has killed four women in Daytona Beach over the last four years. On Wednesday, investigators released more details:

The unsub left DNA on two of the victims. No match was found in the Florida DNA database, and apparently, Florida laws prevent searching on national or other state databases. Daytona Beach Police Department Chief Mike Chitwood hopes new laws change that.

Shell casings show that the killer used a .40-calibar Smith & Wesson pistol.

Three of the victims were left with only their socks on.

Tire tracks left at the scene of one of the victims were tracked to tires found at a junkyard in another part of Florida. There were no records of who brought in those tires.

Investigators believe he’s from out of town, and has driven either a 2003 Fort Taurus or Mercury Sable.

So far, he has targeted women living high-risk lifestyles.

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