Derek Percy May be Forced to Testify

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When Derek Percy, a convicted child killer, hit Jean Priest with a $48,000 legal bill, it looked like the inquiry into Linda Stilwell’s disappearance might be over. Linda, Jean’s daughter, disappeared from the St. Kilda area in 1968.

Percy has been shown to be in the area that day. When he was arrested for the murder of 12-year-old Yvonne Tuohy, he was asked whether he could have killed Linda. He replied that it was possible, but that he didn’t remember.

Since then, he’s done everything he could to avoid giving testimony in the case.

Jean attempted to compel his testimony, but lost. Percy replied with several legal bills totaling over $80,000. Jean has been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy. Appealing the decision seemed very unlikely.

Yesterday, Robert Clark, the Attorney-General of Victoria, applied to join with Jean in the civil case against Derek. If the application is approved, the government will assume the cost associated with the appeal.

The application will be heard on March 11.

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