Yasin Khan Arrested in Ahmedabad, India

on March 5, 2011 in Serial Killers by

Yasin Khan, who was driving an auto-rickshaw, was stopped Tuesday on a routine stop. The constable became suspicious when he found a driver’s license with the name Jaswant Singh in Khan possession.

During questioning back at headquarters, Khan confessed to having hired Singh, the driver of the auto-rickshaw, ridden it outside the city, and killed the driver.

He also confessed to strangled a beggar five months ago. He stole a small sum of money.

He apparently killed another man two weeks ago and too 300 rupee.

Lastly, he says that he strangled his mistress when he suspected she was having an affair.

All of the killings were via strangulation, so he does have a consistent M.O. But you have to worry about serial confessing in this sort of situation.

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