Possible Serial Killer in Vryheid, South Africa

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Residents of Vryheid, in the northern part of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, fear they may have a serial killer on the prowl.

The bodies of two women were found last month. Both had been ripped open, and both were found on February 26.

Buyisile Xaba, 35, had been cut open from the neck to the groin. She was found in Mooiplaas.

Bonisile Mabaso was killed in her room in Bhekuzulu Township. According to her younger sister, her heart and lungs were missing. Her intestines and genitalia were found next to her body.

Apparently, three men armed with knives and sticks forced their way into the home through a window. They attacked Bonisile’s husband. He was beaten, but escaped. He alerted police, and they returned to the house to find the men assaulting Bonisile. The three men escaped.

There’s really hasn’t been enough info released to assess the two crimes, but so far, I don’t see these as particularly well linked. The first crime sounds like a solo assailant, but information may be held back that would suggest otherwise.

And two victims in the same day is an awful short fuse. Typically, a killer would need to work up to something like that, and there aren’t reports of similar crimes occurring earlier.

So far, at least, the police are not referring to it as the work of a serial killer.

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