Michael Wayne McGray Allegedly Confessed to Murdering Cellmate

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Last November, Michael Wayne McGray cellmate was found dead in his cell. According to RCMP documents obtained by CBC, McGray stood by the door of his cell when officials rushed in after an emergency button was hit.

McGray said:

I tried to wake my roommate up for 20 minutes. You should get in here and check him out.

McGray cellmate, Jeremy Phillips was dead. Blood was found around his nose, mouth and pillow.

Allegedly, while McGray was being escorted to a holding cell, he confessed to a corrections manager that he strangled Phillips with a ligature made from a bed sheet. He then flushed the ligature down the toilet.

No charges have been made in Phillips’ death, but it has been ruled a homicide.

McGray has previously confessed to having a compulsion to kill. In an interview with CBC, he said:

It’s like a craving or hunger… It’s something I have to do… It gets to a point where I just can’t control it anymore.

I want to go to an institution, a hospital somewhere for a while where I can get some treatment because if I don’t, just because I’m in prison doesn’t mean the killing’s going to stop.

Sorry, Michael. Having a compulsion doesn’t absolve you of responsibility. You still have that thing we call free will.

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