William Vincent Brown Pleads Guilty to Two Murders

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William Vincent Brown pled guilty on Tuesday to murder of two women.

Emma O’Hearn was raped and killed in June 2003. Brown bashed her skull against the concrete after the rape. She was in a coma for six months before dying in December of that year.

In March 2004, Brown sodomized and strangled 15-year-old Antiana Mills.

Brown entered a plea on both just before the trial for O’Hearn’s murder was to begin.

Last month, Brown was found guilty of the attack and disfigurement of a Baltimore woman. He picked her up on Poplar Grove Street, drover her to Leakin Park, raped her in the back of his car, and then cut off her ear.

He was tied to these three attacked via DNA.

Several other women have come forward saying they believe Brown raped them. He may also be guilty of as many as three other murders.

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  • Carl Rupp says:

    If ever there were a need for an immediate death sentence, William Vincent Brown should be dead. Anyone who goes to prison will do society a justice by killing this piece of Maryland trash.

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